ED452A Instructional Strategies for Inclusive Classrooms A

Building on what is learned in ED 451, this course further explores and develops appropriate teaching and learning strategies to support all types of students in the classroom. Examines evidence-based instructional practices to understand how people learn and examines differentiated instruction through, among others, the concept of multiple intelligences and strength-based assessment and instruction. Assists teachers in identifying systemic structures that impede student learning and developing advocacy skills to break down these barriers. ED 452A covers standards-based lesson planning, Individualized Education Programs, Response to Intervention, and strategies to differentiate instruction. (Meets content-pedagogy requirement for professional teaching certification).

Credits: 1
Offered: Fall
Prerequisites: [ED 447 and ED 451, or by permission of instructor]
Restrictions: None
ED 452A Instructional Strategies for Inclusive Classrooms A course information is subject to change, please check the latest schedule.