Advanced Certificate in Mind/Body Healing and Wellness MB1

The core program leads a NYS Certification in School Counseling Professional.

Course requirements

This program includes a total of 13 credits. When you meet with your advisor, you will complete a detailed program plan for Advanced Certificate in Mind/Body Healing and Wellness MB1

Program Core   
PSI426 Integrated Mind-Body Practice (Prof. Watson - fall odd)
EDE419A Topics in Foundations of Psychopharmacology and Biological Determinants of Mental Health
EDU514 Mind/Body Approaches to Healing Chronic Pain
PSY492 Integrated Care and Family Therapy (Prof. McDaniel and Prof. Rosenberg - 1 week intensive course - June 11-15, 2019)


3 credits required - Counseling students and mental health professionals should take either PSI401 or EDU510 (in consultation with their advisor) and other students should take ED483.
ED483 Communication and Counseling Skills for Teachers, Administrators, and Other Helping Professionals
EDU510 Working with Clients’ Defenses: Psychodynamic and other Emotion-Focused Approaches
PSI401 Live Group Supervision (Instructor Michelle Swanger-Gagne - fall even)


This advanced certificate program does not lead to licensure or prepare students for the practice of any profession in NYS.

There is no practice exemption for students in this program and only students who currently hold a NYS license in an appropriate field or are concurrently enrolled in an appropriate licensure qualifying program may complete restricted activities.

Only appropriately licensed professionals or students concurrently enrolled in appropriate licensure qualifying programs may enroll in PSI401.