Advanced Certificate in Education for Health Professionals HP2

(as of 07/02/2018)

Course requirements

This program includes a total of 12 credits. When you meet with your advisor, you will complete a detailed program plan for Advanced Certificate in Education for Health Professionals HP2

Specialization Courses   
EDU580 Foundations of Health Professions Education
EDU497 Teaching and Learning in Higher Education and Health Care Settings
EDU581 Clinical Teaching in Health Care Professions Education: Teaching and Instructional Methods


3 additional credits of relevant graduate coursework to be selected, with the approval of your advisor, from among the many options listed in Note 2; independent study credits are also an option.


1. It is desirable, but not required, to take the three specialization courses - EDU580, EDU497 and EDU581 - in the same year, so as to benefit from participating in a cohort experience.

2. The following courses have already been approved as eligible electives (although other courses could be considered with the approval of your advisor):

Teaching, Learning & Instructional Design
EDE486: Designing Online Courses (fully online)
ED516: Designing & Evaluating Professional Development
ED483: Communication & Counseling Skills
EDE422: Motivation in Education and Human Development (fully online)

NSG329: Culture, Health & Diversity
EDU455: Policy & Practice in Developmental Differences
EDE440: LGBTQ Issues in Education & Human Development

Leadership & Innovation
ED475: Leadership & Management in Higher Education
EDU446: Entrepreneurial Skills for Educators (fully online)
NLX463: Driving Change in Complex Organizations
ED466: Leading Change in Education
EDE450: Applied Leadership
EDE451: Organizational Theory
EDU515: Decision making for Educational Leaders I

Higher Education:
ED436: How Universities Work
EDU493: History of Higher Education (fully online)
EDE479: Assessment, Accreditation & Accountability in Higher Education
EDU492: Governance, Policy & Administration of Higher Education
EDU576: Contemporary Issues in Higher Education
ED482: Technology and Higher Education (fully online)

Evaluation/ Research methods:
EDE481: Practical Knowledge and Skills for Research in Health and Education
ED520: Program Evaluation
ED524: Survey Design (1 credit) (face-to-face or online)
ED525: Interview and Focus Group Techniques (1)
ED528: Using Quantitative Research Software (SPSS) (1) (face-to-face or online)

EDE434: Master’s Academic Writing (2 credits) (fully online)
ED432: Professional Writing & Communication
EDU447: Grant Writing and Other Funding Strategies for Educators
NGS301: Writing with Confidence, Clarity & Style