Research & Evaluation

How We Do It
We are committed to strong quantitative, qualitative, and mixed method designs, as determined by the program evaluation context, needs, and questions under investigation. It is our goal to provide actionable feedback for evaluation stakeholders. This means that our work is intended to have implications for practice that inform programmatic improvement or refinement. For this reason, all evaluation questions are developed in conjunction with project partners.
  • Quantitative
  • Qualitative
  • Document review
  • Interviews/Focus groups
  • Observations
  • Surveys
  • Social Network Analysis
Our project coordination approach ensures that we deliver on:
  • the overall planning of the program evaluation design;
  • the overall progress of the project;
  • meeting milestones and deliverables;
  • ensuring high quality written output;
  • meeting the contractual obligations of the project in relation to reporting and other issues that may arise; and
  • assisting in resolving conflicts that may arise in the project, through discussions with the relevant parties.