Research & Evaluation

Past & Present Collaborations

Past projects and grant funders include:
Bloomington/Normal Community Campus Committee (BNCCC)
Chicago Area Project
Illinois Board of Higher Education
Joyce Foundation
National Institute of Health and the Center for Disease Control
National Science Foundation (NSF)
NSF IGERT project
NSF Math and Science Partnership Project
NSF Noyce Graduate Education Scholarship and Fellowship Programs
Rochester Museum & Science Center
Rochester Institute of Technology
SUNY Rockefeller Institute for Government
University of Rochester
US Department of Education
US Department of Education Community Health Prevention
University of Illinois Extension
What some of our past clients are saying about us:
Being consummate professionals, the DRE evaluators were a pleasure to work with. They were meticulous in their evaluation of our program and worked closely with us to ensure it was exactly what we requested and that we could easily comprehend and explain the information to our administrators.
-Kerri Calvert, BNCCC

Collaborating with the Warner Center on our entrepreneurship survey projects was a great experience. The Center delivered timely and detailed reports and assisted with every aspect of executing the assessment.
-Natalie Antal, Center for Entrepreneurship

The DRE was hired by the BNCCC (Bloomington-Normal Community Campus Coalition) to help us collect and analyze data.  Their involvement was instrumental in the BNCCC's success.  They helped us develop a survey to capture the data we needed.  Their attention to detail moved our coalition forward, helped us gain a sense of purpose and cohesiveness, and lead to the reception of several large grants.  They are true professionals and I am thankful to have worked with them so closely.  They were meticulous, timely, easy to work with and always accessible.  Without them, I feel our coalition would have struggled to sustain its efforts.  I would highly recommend them without reservation!
-Bob Rogers, BNCCC

The DRE evaluators have been instrumental in guiding our team through the evaluation process. They are adept at working with our Educators who are at different levels in their both their evaluation skills and programming. The very best thing they have done for us is to show us how evaluation and the data we collect is practical, relevant and can be used to guide changes in our programming.
-Bobbie Lewis-Sibley, University of Illinois Extension