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Program Evaluation

Circle of Evaluation DiagramProgram evaluation is a systematic method for collecting and analyzing information that can lead to a better understanding of the effectiveness and efficiency of policies, projects and programs. At the Center, we engage in evaluation projects utilizing a deliberative democratic approach. This method values both technical and procedural expertise, as well as commitments to dialogue that make space for traditionally unheard voices.

We are committed to strong quantitative, qualitative, and mixed method designs as determined by the evaluation question and context. In particular, we see the need for information gathered to be credible, useful, and actionable for evaluation stakeholders. With this in mind, we are dedicated to talking with, and including and gathering information from, concerned groups or individuals who are not a traditional component of the power structure. We believe that part of the evaluation process is to engage a range of stakeholders in listening to each other’s views of the program. We engage in evaluation to learn, not to prove ideological points, and we expect the same openness from those with whom we partner to conduct evaluation.