Warner School of Education

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The Center for Professional Development and Education Reform's mission is:

"... to foster and support research-based innovative professional practice and systemic change. This is accomplished through professional development and systemic reform initiatives informed by current research and collaboration with our partners."

Housed within the University of Rochester's Warner School of Education, the Center draws on the resources, knowledge, and connections of the entire University of Rochester community and the community at large.

We bring extensive knowledge and experience of the change process to support organizations and educational institutions identify and implement research-based innovative professional practices. We provide comprehensive services and support to clients in the areas of leadership and organizational development, mathematics education, urban education, program evaluation. We work collaboratively with organizations on systemic reform practices and the change process; research and evaluation; professional development; and curriculum development and instructional support.

We are the place that organizations turn to when they are thinking about making deep, meaningful, and lasting change, whether it be in a particular division or the organization as a whole. There are not quick fixes. No magic workshops. Rather, together, we work to identify the components necessary to change the way organizations do business and have a positive effect on development and learning. Our goal is to help you transform your organization into a learning community that seeks continuous improvement.

We work with you to identify the challenges and opportunities associated with the desired change and develop appropriate support systems to ensure the success of reform efforts. We work with you to develop and deliver meaningful, job-embedded professional development that is supported over time and tailored to your institution's or organizations unique needs. And, we can work with you to evaluate your progress.