Software, email and cloud storage

All Warner School degree-seeking students are eligible for a free University of Rochester Gmail account. The email account includes an unlimited Google drive that can be used to store and share files. Students are encouraged to sign up for their URgmail account as soon as they are admitted to a program and register.

To protect the computer files associated with research you do as a student, the University of Rochester also hosts UR Research, where you can securely save files as well as collaborate on projects. UR Research also hosts the official repository of your final work as a doctoral or master's student if your degree requires a thesis.

Computer hardware
The University of Rochester has a UR Tech Store that offer a full selection of computer products including discounted Dell and Apple computers.

In addition to the software selection at the UR Tech Store, there are also special agreements in place for some software titles as listed below.

Office 365 ProPlus: licenses are available to degree-seeking students while they are active students.  Please follow these Office 365 ProPlus installation instructions and email IT support if you have any questions on installation issues. 

NVivo & SPSS: The school has a site license that covers all faculty, staff and students. Students can contact their instructor or advisor for instructions on installing and licensing NVivo or SPSS on your personal computer.

The River Campus Libraries provides free versions of EndNote and RefWorks for students.

The University of Rochester Site Licensing program offers special student licenses and pricing for the following software (not all software is available this way): JMP, S-PLUS, SAS, STATA & Stat/Transfer, plus other specialized software packages.

Encryption and security
If you would like to keep data more safe from prying eyes that may gain physical access to your electronic devices, here are some tips that may help keep the data secure. You should make sure any encryption techniques that you use accomplish your particular security goals for your particular data.  If you do encrypt your data, it is highly recommended that you have a second backup of your data that uses a different form of encryption so that you do not lose access to your own data.
If you use a mobile device such a phone to record or store research data, make sure the device meets the requirements and that you configure the device so that it is compliant with the UR Mobile Computing Device Security Standards. In addition to the UR Tech Store, encrypted drives are also available online.
On a Mac computer, setup FileVault to protect your data. On a windows computer, you can turn on Windows Encryption. In either of these cases, make sure you secure the password or encryption certificate to make sure you have continued access to the data.
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