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Page link printed 01/18/2018

Computer Hardware
The University of Rochester has a UR Tech Store that offer a full selection of computer products including discounted Dell and Apple computers

The Computer Store also has a selection of student-licensed software. There are also special agreements in place for some software as mentioned below.

Warner School student are eligible to install Office 365 ProPlus and use it while they are active students.  Please follow these installation instructions and email Warner School IT support if you have any questions on installation issues. 

The University of Rochester Site Licensing program offers special student licenses and pricing for the following software (not all software is available this way): JMP, S-PLUS, SAS, STATA & Stat/Transfer, plus other specialized software packages.

The River Campus Libraries provides free versions of EndNote and RefWorks for students.

Smartboard Notebook software is now available for use online as Smartboard Notebook Express. There are two options for interacting with classroom Smartboards.  The first option is to use the native tools available in modern versions of Windows and Mac OS's available as soon as you connect to a Smartboard with the USB cable. The second option is to install the Smart Product Drivers and Ink -- look for the 6th download on this page and select the appropriate version. During the installation process, uncheck any of the boxes that refer to other software. The only software that can be used without a license is the SMART Product Drivers including SMART Ink so only these two pieces of software should be selected during the installation process and the other software (Notebook, Response, Math Tools and 3D Tools) un-selected.  After installation a screen comes up to Activate and Update the software – there is no activation required so do not click the Activation button and updates should only be installed for Common Files, Product Drivers and SMART Ink.

For other software, student licenses are available directly from other vendors:
AMOS: The Student version can be rented from OnTheHub
SPSS: The Student Version and Grad Pack may be rented from OnTheHub
NVivo: The Warner School has a site license that covers all faculty, staff and students.  If you are a Warner School registered student, please contact your instructor or advisor for instructions on installing and licensing NVivo on your personal computer.
Altas.ti: Purchased from atlas.ti directly
Transana: Available from Transanna
Express Scribe: Available from NCH Software

There is also free software that does amazing stuff:
OpenOffice: An alternative free office suite to edit documents and spreadsheets
VLC VideoLAN: A free video player that can play just about any audio or video file
Handbrake: A free video conversion program to convert video files
PDFCreator: Free windows software for creating PDF's. (Mac users can print any document to Preview and then and then save as a PDF.
Gimp image editing (similar to Photoshop):  For Windows and Macs.

Email and Cloud Storage
To protect the computer files associated with research you do as a student, the University of Rochester also hosts UR Research, where you can securely save files as well as collaborate on projects. UR Research also hosts the official repository of your final work as a doctoral or master's student if your degree requires a thesis.

A second great option for storing files electronically and collaborating is the 25GB Google drive that is available to current Warner School Student that comes with a student URgmail account.

IPhone and IPad software
Some of our favorite software for Iphones and Ipads:
-Read all of your course handouts electronically: Blackbord Mobile.
-Project your Idevice video in a classroom wirelessly: AirServer.
-Access your 25GB student google driveGoogle Drive on your iOS device after setting up your URgmal student account.

Recording Audio and Video
If you need to record audio or video for you research, using a dedicated device instead or you smart phone can often provide a higher quality product that can more efficiently be used.  Here are some hopefully current options for recording:
  • A best option for recording audio/video is to use a USB camera connected directly to your computer. This allows for a one step video capture process with the integrated security of your device.  Our current favorite WebCam is the Logitech C920.  This camera paired with a USB extension cable can provide a large range of video angles and has excellent sound pickup. The camera has a flexible mounting stand or it can be connected to a tripod. 
  • To record just audio to you computer or smartphone, the Jabra Speak 510 has excellent sound pickup and flexibility.
  • For recording just audio, Olympus sets the standard and the DM-620 is a flexible recorder that records in the easy to use mp3 file format.  It also has a scene selector to filter out background noise or include all of the voices in a large group. You can shop for this recorder at various vendors such as Amazon or B&H Photo Video to get the best price.
  • The new standard for recording close up videos is the Canon Vixia Mini.  This unit is designed for single person operation (Recording self or group) and includes excellent sound pickup and wide range of optical zoom. It can also be set to record research resolution video that is easily managed and saved.
Need Encryption?
If you would like to keep data more safe from prying eyes that may gain physical access to your electronic devices, here are some tips that may help keep the data secure. You should make sure any encryption techniques that you use accomplish your particular security goals for your particular data.  If you do encrypt your data, it is highly recommended that you have a second backup of your data that uses a different form of encryption so that you do not lose access to your own data.
If you use a mobile device such a phone to record or store research data, make sure the device meets the requirements and that you configure the device so that it is compliant with the UR Mobile Computing Device Security Standards. In addition to the UR Tech Store, encrypted drives are also available online.
If you would like to use a dedicated voice recorder that is encrypted, there are few products available such as the Olympus DS-3500. Let us know if you find a dedicated encrypted video recording devices — one option to record audio/video is to your mobile device that meets the requirements and is configured in accordance with the UR Mobile Computing Device Security Standards.
On a Mac computer, you can create an encrypted disk image to protect your data. On a windows computer, you can encrypt a folder. In either of these cases, make sure you secure the password or encryption certificate to make sure you have continued access to the data.
Have some suggestions for this page about your favorite software or hardware?  Send them along with details to support@warner.rochester.edu.