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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice Resources & Learning Opportunities

Resources available to promote and cultivate equity, diversity, and inclusion. Learn more about DEIJ at Warner

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Anika Simone Johnson
Assistant Dean of Equity & Inclusion
LeChase Hall 374

Warner DEIJ Resources

DEIJ Resource Toolkit

An Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice Resource Toolkit provides faculty, staff and students resources that ensure teaching, learning and recruitment efforts are in line with the school’s commitments to equity, diversity and inclusion. You can share a resource here.

Warner’s DEIJ Library

LeChase 374

University community members are encouraged to sign up for any DEIJ, Recreational Reading, Academic (Assigned in Courses) or Mindset Readings at their leisure.

If you have any diversity books you would like to donate, please contact the Assistant Dean of Equity and Inclusion.

Request Diversity Education Training

Request diversity education training: search committee, faculty search guidelines & mitigating bias in the interview process.

Affinity Groups

Students come together based on shared life experiences. Some affinity groups include: International Student Association, LGBTQ+ Student Association, and Students of Color Association.

University DEIJ Resources

Office of Equity and Inclusion

The University’s Office of Equity and Inclusion cultivates an equitable, respectful and welcoming culture at the University of Rochester, and strives to weave equity, diversity and inclusion throughout the University’s mission to learn, discover, heal and create.


The University's Office of Equity and Inclusion offers an Encompass e-newsletter and an Insights Podcast, both offering updates and news about equity and inclusiveness at the University of Rochester. View old issues in the Encompass Newsletter archive.