The Warner School Admissions page on our website contains all information you will need in order to apply for admission:


Warner does not provide non-matriculated students with an advisor.  However, should you need direction as to which classes might be available to you or which might fit into a particular program in which you are planning to matriculate, contact the Admissions Office for help or referral: or 585.275.3950.


UR graduate schools, including Warner, do not record GPAs.  As a non-matriculated student, should you need this information for insurance, certification or other purposes, contact the Warner School Registrar.


Final Warner grades are viewable online through UR Access Plus (not in Blackboard); you can get there by going to and clicking on Student Access.
  • Should your employer require a hard-copy grade report, and the one available through Student Access will not suffice, contact the Warner School Registrar and she will prepare one for you.
  • Please NOTE:  Warner allows instructors at least two weeks from the final day of a class to submit grades online; if you need a grade sooner than this, it is your responsibility to provide the instructor this information well in advance of the end of the term so that s/he can make an accommodation.


Transcripts are available through the University Registrar’s Office at any time in your academic career at Warner.  You may request transcripts online by logging into and clicking on Student Access.
  • Should you be unable to request transcripts online, visit the University Registrar’s Webpage for other options.
  • If you attended or graduated from Warner prior to 1986, you will need to submit a written, signed request for transcript.  This request can be faxed, if desired.
  • Should you request more than a total of 30 transcripts over time, you will be required to pay $2.00 per transcript thereafter.