Changes made through Blackboard, Online Registration sites or HRMS do not update student records. If you change your contact information in those systems, also contact the Warner School Registrar, so you don't miss important communications from the school. Complete the Contact Information Change Form, or e-mail the Registrar.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS:  Failure to notify the International Services Office and Warner Registrar immediately of any changes in contact information can result in serious consequences with the United States Immigration & Customs Enforcement. You can update your address through UR Student, and the International Services Office will receive notice of the change.


Once you have started your program, you may request a change of advisor. Because of the limited number of faculty advisors in some programs, the change may not be possible. Your new advisor will notify your existing advisor and send an email to the Associate Dean to approve the change.


If you decide the program you were admitted into is not the best fit for you or your career goals, you may change programs. There are some stipulations and restrictions spelled out on the Program Change Request.