You should meet with your advisor prior to registration. If you are unable to connect with your advisor, you may contact your department chair. If you have trouble reaching a faculty member, the Student Services administrator will locate a faculty member to assist you.



University of Rochester graduate schools do not record GPAs. Should you need this information for insurance, certification or other purposes, contact the Registrar.


Final grades are viewable online through UR Access Plus, which is accessible through and clicking on Student Access.
  • Should your employer require a hard-copy grade report, contact the Registrar.
  • Instructors have until two weeks from the final day of a class to submit grades online; if you need a grade sooner, inform the instructor in advance for an accommodation.


If you need to take a fall and/or spring term off, you can request a leave of absence for personal, professional or medical leave. Personal and professional leaves can be taken no more than two times before you graduate. Medical leaves can be used as often as necessary and require a medical professional’s letter, indicating when you will be cleared to resume your program.
  • Complete the Leave of Absence Application Form (See “Forms” section).
  • You never have to register for summer, so no leave of absence request is needed.


Your Program of Study is a list of courses and requirements for your particular degree program. It serves as the roadmap for your journey toward degree completion.
  • Should you have misplaced or never received a copy of your Program of Study, contact the Registrar for assistance.
    • If you think the form you received does not correctly identify the program you want to follow, first discuss it with your advisor; if you decide a change of program is warranted, contact Admissions or the Registrar who will provide you with a new personalized form.

      If you change departments, degrees or teaching specializations, the change must be reviewed through the admissions process. Contact Admissions.
  • Failure to complete the Program of Study with your advisor could lead to you taking a course that will not fit your degree program, taking a particular course out of sequence, or missing it completely because it is not offered every year. Your advisor will help you navigate these potential issues.
  • If you are a master’s student, you should complete your Program of Study with your advisor before classes start for your first term. If you are a doctoral student, you should complete your Program of Study within the first year of your degree program.


Transcripts are available through National Student Clearinghouse at any time in your academic career. You may request transcripts at the University Registrar’s transcript page.


  • The school will involuntarily withdraw you from your program for the following reasons:
    • You received two “C” grades. When you receive your first “C,” you will receive an Academic Probation notification letter. Receipt of the second “C” results in involuntary withdrawal.
    • You received an “E” (failing) grade.
    • You failed to make satisfactory progress toward degree completion.
  • Once involuntarily withdrawn, you cannot request reinstatement or reapply to your program.


  • If you need to withdraw from your program:
    • Notify your advisor and Department Chair.
    • Notify the Associate Dean by email. 
  • Unlike involuntary withdrawal, if your situation changes and you would like to return to complete your program, you may request reinstatement within two years of your last date of attendance. The reinstatement request should be sent to the Associate Dean.
    • If you are receiving a tuition award, the same award may not be available if you withdraw and return.