Writing Support Services


Mahmoud Altalouli is a PhD candidate in teaching and curriculum and the coordinator of Writing Support Services. He holds a BA in English teacher education and another BA in international studies. His master’s degree is in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from Nazareth College of Rochester. He worked as a consultant and instructor of English in various English language institutes in the Gaza Strip, Palestine. He has been teaching English over the past 10 years. His interests include academic reading and writing. English teacher development is another area of interest.  
Ting Zhang is a PhD student in teaching and curriculum at the Warner School and associate coordinator of Writing Support Services. She holds a BA in English, and an MA in Applied Linguistics. Prior to her doctoral study, she has taught English literacy courses at the secondary and undergraduate levels in China. She has explored nonnative-English-speaking graduate students’ experience with academic English writing and publishing. As a result of her research, she aims to support graduate students’ writing with her perspectives and strategies.   Ting Zhang
Jehan Ayesh is a PhD student in Teaching and Curriculum program at the Warner School of Education. She has a BA degree in English Language and Literature and an MA degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Second Language (TESOL). Jehan worked as an English Language Teacher for school and college level students. Her research interest is critical literacy as a tool for social change with a focus on disadvantaged groups of people due to political instability and conflict.     Fangzhi He
Fangzhi He is a PhD student in teaching and curriculum. Her MA is in English language and literature from Fufan University. Her BA is in English from Dalian University of Technology. She had been a visiting scholar in The University of York in the UK. She has been teaching for years in Zhengzhou University of Light Industry. Her interests include Pragmatics, Sociolinguistics, and TESOL.   Fangzhi He
Weijia Li is an EdD student in teaching and curriculum at Warner School. She has a bachelor’s degree in English, an MEd in Teaching English as a Second Language and a master's in Teaching Chinese. She has taught academic English, including reading and writing, at Passaic County College in New Jersey and later academic writing at Rutgers University. Her interest includes cultural thought pattern and its impact on academic writing, language assessment, and teaching critical thinking in a multilingual context.   Weijia Li
Yanhong Zuo is a PhD student in teaching and curriculum at Warner School. She holds a BA in English and an MA in American Studies. In the past 15 years, she taught English reading and writing at several universities in China and worked at Quincy College in Boston for one year as a Foreign Language Teaching Assistant under Fulbright Scholarship. Her research interests include reading and writing relations, curriculum reforms and English language teaching.