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Page link printed 08/20/2018

Deepening Everyones Mathematics Knowledge
Director/PI: Judith Fonzi, Raffaella Borasi

The grant aims to increase the math knowledge of teachers, parents, and community members so that they can help K-12 children develop a deeper, more useful understanding of mathematics. The project creates a series of professional development school programs in four local school districts, including the City of Rochester School District.

The programs involve pre-service teachers, in-service teachers, administrators, and higher education faculty and consist of five key components:

* In-depth annual data analysis to determine the needs of the students, teachers and the program.
* Immediate intervention to provide additional support to the students most in need of assistance.
* On-going professional development that includes opportunities for participants to reflect on their own practices, and opportunities specifically focused on learning (such as new instructional strategies, new resources, how to use appropriate technology, the current research in mathematics, teaching, and learning), and in-class support while participants are try out new instructional practices.
* Planning and implementing a parental involvement program.
* Ongoing assessment and evaluation of the professional development program itself.

The insights and experiences gleaned from this project directly affect the Warner School’s pre-service and master’s programs, as pre-service and master’s students participate in the project work as part of their teacher preparation/professional development programs. In addition, the pre-service methods courses are specifically designed to prepare students to work with project teachers and therefore are routinely revised to include experiences common to both programs.

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