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Page link printed 07/20/2018

Grant Opportunities

The Warner School actively pursues grants from federal, state and local government entities, private nonprofit foundations, or corporations. Grants allow the Warner School to provide scholarships to exceptional students, including the Robert Noyce Scholarship Program for Math and Science Teachers and the Scholarship Program for Inclusive and Special Education Teachers. Research grants provide research assistantship opportunities for promising doctoral students. In the past year, Warner has received more than $4 million in grant money to fund programs or their start-up costs, research, scholarships, capital improvements, facility operating expenses, or a combination of these.

Warner’s grant researcher and writer maintains a comprehensive list of grant and fellowship opportunities for our faculty and students.

Grant Requirements
Warner School faculty interested in applying for a grant should first familiarize themselves with the requirements. Additional requirements may exist for particular grants.

University of Rochester Requirements
The Office of Research and Project Administration (ORPA) is the University’s legal representative and official signatory in matters related to grants and sponsored research. No grant will be submitted until it has been reviewed by the ORPA staff person assigned to the Warner School. Note, particularly, that:
  • ORPA will not review the application unless the current Proposal Sign-off form (download from ORPA forms) has been completed and signed by the PI, the department chair, and the dean. If other University departments have a substantive role in the project, their authorized representative must sign the form too.
  • A current Conflict of Interest Disclosure (download from ORPA forms) must also be on file with the Warner School.
  • All human subjects review board conditions have been met, as required by the University and by the funding source. Get the necessary forms from the Research Subjects Review Board Web site.
The ORPA Web site contains up-to-date information about the University’s required policies and procedures related to grants, and the administrative and programmatic responsibilities of Principal Investigators. The site also includes updated copies of University forms, grant preparation tips, and a variety of other helpful information.

Warner School Requirements
Principal investigators need the approval of their department heads and the dean in order to submit grant applications as faculty of the Warner School. The approval not only authorizes the permission to submit, it also authorizes the percent of effort the PI intends to contribute to the project if it is funded. Signatures that indicate the approval are required on the Proposal Sign-off discussed above.

Applications to foundations and corporations require advance approval from the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations. The Warner School grant researcher and writer can initiate the necessary approval. PI’s should contact the grant researcher and writer BEFORE starting to plan the proposal.