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University of Rochester Warner School of Education
Admission Content Preparation Foreign Languages (2013 standards)
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This assessment is a summary evaluation of the full Admission Content Preparation Review Worksheet:
Part I - ACTFL standards for FOREIGN LANGUAGE teacher candidates

ACTFL 1. Language Proficiency 
ACTFL1.a 2013 Language proficiency Speak in the interpersonal mode of communication at a minimum level of "Advanced Low" or "Intermediate High" (for Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean) on the ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) according to the target language being taught.
ACTFL1.b 2013 Understanding Linguistics Interpret oral, printed, and video texts by demonstrating both literal and figurative or symbolic comprehension.
ACTFL1.c 2013 Language comparisons Present oral and written information to audiences of listeners or readers, using language at a minimum level of "Advanced Low" or "Intermediate High" according to the target language being taught.

ACTFL 2. Cultures, Linguistics, Literatures, and Concepts from Other Disciplines 
ACTFL2.a 2013 Cultural understandings Demonstrate target cultural understandings and compare cultures through perspectives, products, and practices of those cultures.
ACTFLIMM Immersion in target culture Candidate has conducted an immersion experience in the target culture