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University of Rochester Warner School of Education
Field Experience TESOL (2014 standards)
Candidate: Evaluator:
Semester and Year (required): Course #:
The purpose of this evaluation is to determine whether the teacher candidate is capable of going on to student teaching. Please assess the candidate on the set of characteristics, knowledge, and skills listed below using the following rating scale:

Not observed:
You cannot make a judgment about this criterion because it is not within the types of proficiencies you would observe given your role.
(1) – Serious Concerns:
It is clear to you that the candidate has not met this criterion, and you are not confident that extending the internship experience would have a significant impact on her/his performance. The candidate’s inability to demonstrate this proficiency is likely to: harm students or compromise their ability to learn in the classroom; disrupt the work of the cooperating teacher in her/his field placement, and/or be detrimental to the relationship between the cooperating school and the Warner School. In relation to this criterion, you have serious concerns about the candidate and would not recommend she/he move on to the student teaching placement.
(2) – Work Needed:
Your professional opinion suggests that this candidate has the potential to demonstrate this proficiency, but you have not seen evidence of her/his ability. You believe that extending the candidate’s internship would provide her/him with the time and opportunity to become proficient in this area. You are reluctant to categorize this candidate’s progress as acceptable because her/his performance in this area has been variable and inconsistent. The candidate needs to work on this aspect of her/his practice and you would not recommend she/he move on to the student teaching placement.
(3) – Acceptable Progress:
The candidate is able to demonstrate this criterion in ways that one would expect from a novice/beginning teacher. Her/his ability is likely to improve during the field placement, and there is no worry that she/he will be a danger to students, or a burden to a cooperating teacher. The candidate has made acceptable progress in this area, and you are confident that with additional experiences she/he will continue to improve. The candidate is well on her/his way to target proficiency in this area and you recommend she/he continue on to the student teaching placement.
(4) – Highly Capable:
The candidate is highly capable in this area. Her/his performance has been consistent, skillful and at times, outstanding. There is no concern that this candidate will not succeed in her/his field placement, nor are there any worries that she/he will be a danger to children or a burden to a cooperating teacher. The candidate has demonstrated target proficiency in this area and you recommend she/he continue on to the student teaching placement without reservations. 

If candidate does not receive a “3” or “4” in any category, please provide detailed recommendations for what must be done to remedy the concern in the Notes at the bottom of this form.   Please use the Notes to provide additional comments you feel will enhance our understanding of the candidate’s strengths and/or needs. 
Field Experience

I. Professional Characteristics 
FE 1 Attendance Attends all dates committed to in letter of expectations.
FE 2 Communication Communicates professionally and effectively on multiple levels (verbal, written, electronic).
FE 3 Dependability Can be counted on to follow through on commitments
FE 4 Collaboration Works effectively with a variety of school personnel
FE 5 Receptiveness to criticism Accepts critiques of her/his practice professionally
FE 6 Judgment Exhibits sound and ethical judgment
FE 7 Flexibility Adjusts well to change on a variety of levels
FE 8 Initiative Assumes independent responsibility and leadership in a variety of activities
FE 9 Responsibility Takes responsibility for her/his actions and practices in the classroom
FE10 Stamina Remains committed to students and to teaching in spite of potential challenges and stressors
FE11 Appropriate dress and appearance Presentation of self and attire is professional at all times

II. Knowledge and Skills 
FE12 Content knowledge Has sound knowledge of content in area/s of specialization
FE13 Organization, planning, and preparation Consistently prepared for teaching each day
FE14 Lesson planning Lessons follow a clearly articulated plan
FE15 Constructs a safe learning environment (management) Supports all students' learning and motivation
FE16 Classroom presence Maintains a confident stance; is aware of all classroom activities
FE17 Resourcefulness Accesses and uses multiple and creative resources to plan curriculum for all learners
FE18 Rapport with students Understands students' strengths/needs and constructs positive relationships with all students
FE19 Can construct an inclusive context for learning Consistently considers all students' strengths/needs in planning and instruction
FE20 Relations with staff and other faculty Establishes professional relationships with school personnel
FE21 Relations with parents Interacts with parents respectfully and in a professional manner
FE22 Can follow school procedures Knows and follows school policies and procedures
FE23 Knowledge of system of the school Understands how the school works