Advanced Certificate in Adolescence Education (Earth Science; for current teachers w/ Master degree) NZ2

The core program leads a NYS Certification in Teaching in Adolescence Education (grades 7-12), specialist in earth science (initial + professional).

Course requirements

This program includes a total of 11-17 credits. When you meet with your advisor, you will complete a detailed program plan for Advanced Certificate in Adolescence Education (Earth Science; for current teachers w/ Master degree) NZ2

Specialization Courses   
EDU434 Theory and Practice in Teaching and Learning Science
EDU448 Implementing Innovation in Science Education
EDU486 Integrating Science and Technology
EDU487 Integrating Science and Literacy
ED415 Adolescent Development and Youth Culture (ages 10 to 20)

EDF416S Field Experiences in Secondary Schools (Science)
or EDF417S Field Experiences in Inclusive Secondary School Settings (Science)


1. As per University of Rochester policy, no more than one third of the credits required for this advanced certificate can be transferred from another institution.

2. ED415 will be waived for anyone who has taken a course in adolescent development in their previous teacher preparation program.

3. Any of the other courses and internships listed above may be waived if an equivalent course/internship was already taken in a prior program (with advisor, chair, and Associate Dean's approval).

Other Requirements:

In addition to the coursework indicated above, in order to graduate and to receive the certification(s)/licensure (if any) you are seeking this program has additional requirements. Please note that in some cases, while our program will provide you with all the academic experiences required for the certification you seek, there may be some additional requirements that you will have to complete independently and outside of our program in order to be granted that certification/licensure (ex: completing a certain number of years of mentored experiences). When that is the case, we have listed these requirements but also indicated that they are not a graduation requirement.

  • MS degree
  • Initial Teaching Certification in any specialization
  • Dignity for All Students (DASA) Training in Harassment, Bullying, Cyberbullying, & Discrimination Prevention and Intervention
  • NYS Exam - Content Specialty Test (CST-008) Passed in Earth Science (Required for program completion with Spring 2019 admits)
  • Initiate NY State Teacher certification process with the Warner School Certification Officer
  • 3 Years of Teaching Experience with the First One Conducted in a Mentored Situation (NOT a graduation requirement but needed before applying for professional certification)
  • Content Prerequisite 30 credits of coursework in the sciences, including at least 18 credits in earth science (attach a completed Admissions Transcript Review Form: