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Advanced Certificate in Teacher Leadership (LT1)

(as of 10/04/2018)

Course requirements

This program includes a total of 12 credits. When you meet with your advisor, you will complete a detailed LT1 Program of Study Form.

Program Core   
ED516 Designing and Evaluating Professional Development
EDE536A Teacher Leadership Seminar A
EDE536B Teacher Leadership Seminar B
EDE536C Teacher Leadership Seminar C

Specialization Courses   

A "specialized" course in deepening pedagogical/pedagogical content knowledge. This course may be selected from Warner courses below, including but not limited to:
EDE477 Teaching and Learning in the Content Areas
EDE546 Teaching & Learning STEM
EDU523 Theory and Research in Teaching

A "specialized" course in educational leadership. This course may be selected from Warner courses below, including but not limited to:
EDU407 Curricular and Instructional Leadership
ED469 Leadership and Organizational Dynamics


1. As per University of Rochester policy, no more than one third of the credits required for this advanced certificate can be transferred from another institution.

2. Students taking this Advanced Certificate concurrently with another Warner program need to make sure that there are at least 3 credits of coursework or practicum/internship that are unique to this program.

3. EDE536A, EDE536B, and EDE536C involve field-based experiences; students are responsible for identifying appropriate sites to carry out these experiences.

Other Requirements:

In addition to the coursework indicated above, in order to graduate and to receive the certification(s)/licensure (if any) you are seeking this program has additional requirements. Please note that in some cases, while our program will provide you with all the academic experiences required for the certification you seek, there may be some additional requirements that you will have to complete independently and outside of our program in order to be granted that certification/licensure (ex: completing a certain number of years of mentored experiences). When that is the case, we have listed these requirements but also indicated that they are not a graduation requirement.