Advanced Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis HA5

(as of 09/22/2017)

Course requirements

This program includes a total of 33 credits. When you meet with your advisor, you will complete a detailed program plan for Advanced Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis HA5

Specialization Courses   
EDE455 Research Methods in Applied Behavior Analysis
ED457 Autism Spectrum Disorders: Characteristics and Educational Issues
ED453 Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis
ED458 Methods and Applications in Applied Behavior Analysis
EDE454 Assessment and Treatment of Challenging Behaviors
EDE456 Ethical and Professional Conduct for Behavior Analysts
EDE457 Staff Training and Performance Management
EDE459 Client Confidentiality and Records Management
EDE458 Seminar in Applied Behavior Analysis: Preparing the Behavior Analyst for Practice
EDU465 Assessment and Appraisal

Choose a diversity course:
ED425 Minority Youth Development in Urban Contexts
EDU442 Race, Class, Gender, and Disability in American Education
EDU470 Multicultural Perspectives in Counseling
ED437 Diversity and Equity in Higher Education
EDE436 Diversity and Equity in Education


Minimum of 3 credits of required supervised practicum experience:
EDF453 Practicum in Applied Behavioral Analysis


1. As per University of Rochester policy, no more than one third of the credits required for this advanced certificate can be transferred from another institution.

2. This sequence of courses has been approved by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board as meeting their coursework requirements for Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) certification. However, students seeking this certification need to apply directly to the Board after having passed the Board Certified Behavior Analyst Examination® and completed a total of at least 1500 hours of supervised ABA practicum experience (750 if following BACB intensive internship model).

3. In order to obtain a New York State license as Licensed Behavior Analyst (LBA), students will need to complete a total of at least 1500 hours of supervised ABA practicum with individuals with autism spectrum disorder.

4. Students can accrue the needed supervised ABA practicum hours (besides the minimum included in this program) either on their own, or by registering for EDF453 for multiple semesters (3 additional credits each semester).