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M.S. in Program Evaluation (EV2)

(as of 12/21/2015)

Course requirements

This program includes a total of 33 credits. When you meet with your advisor, you will complete a detailed EV2 Program of Study Form.

Program Core   

Introductory Research Methods Course - choose one course or approved transfer credit
ED406 Master's Research Methods
or ED506 Concepts and Issues in Social Science Research

Evaluation Theory and Methods
ED520 Program Evaluation
ED521 Advanced Program Evaluation
ED545 Program Evaluation Practicum

Data Collection and Analysis
ED524 Survey Design (1 credit)
ED528 Using Quantitative Data Analysis Software (1 credit)
ED525 Interview and Focus Group Techniques (1 credit)

Additional Methods Courses - choose at least one quantitative and one qualitative methods course from the following:
EDE404 Basics in Applied Quantitative Analysis
ED504 Quantitative Research Methods
ED505 Advanced Quantitative Research Methods
ED507 Qualitative Research Methods
ED527 Advanced Qualitative Research Methods


Choose electives for a total of 12 credits; possible options include but are not limited to:
EDU446 Entrepreneurial Skills for Educators
EDU447 Grant Writing and Other Funding Strategies for Educators
ED529 Using Qualitative Data Analysis Software (1 credit)
ED523 Mixed Research Methods
EDE436 Diversity and Equity in Education
ED437 Diversity and Equity in Higher Education
EDU442 Race, Class, Gender, and Disability in American Education
ED439 Policy Analysis in Education
EDE479 Assessment, Accreditation and Accountability in Higher Education
ED516 Designing and Evaluating Professional Development
ED483 Communication and Counseling Skills for Teachers, Administrators, and Other Helping Professionals
ED432 Professional Writing and Communications
ED482 Technology and Higher Education


1. Participation in ED521 Advanced Program Evaluation is contingent upon successful (B or better) completion of ED520 Program Evaluation .

Other Requirements:

In addition to the coursework indicated above, in order to graduate and to receive the certification(s)/licensure (if any) you are seeking this program has additional requirements. Please note that in some cases, while our program will provide you with all the academic experiences required for the certification you seek, there may be some additional requirements that you will have to complete independently and outside of our program in order to be granted that certification/licensure (ex: completing a certain number of years of mentored experiences). When that is the case, we have listed these requirements but also indicated that they are not a graduation requirement.