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M.S. in Education Policy (AT2)

(as of 09/12/2012)

Program Options/Extensions:
In addition to taking the core program outlined below, students may want to consider supplementing their program to achieve other goals and pursue additional certification. Each option enhancement has specific prerequisites and/or course requirements in addition to the requirements for the AT2 base program.

Additional Options & Certifications
  • Optional Advanced Certificate in Program Evaluation [EV1] (3+ Additional Credits)
  • Additional Advanced Certificate in Urban Teaching and Leadership [UT1] (0+ Additional Credits)

Primary program course requirements

The primary program includes a total of 30 credits. The detailed AT2 Program of Study Form shows the additional requirements for the program option(s)/extension(s). When you meet with your advisor, you will complete a detailed AT2 Program of Study Form.

Entry Level Courses   

Up to 10 credits in graduate-level coursework in education or related fields may be transferred in or completed at the Warner School prior to matriculating into the Master’s degree program if approved by the faculty advisor. These transfer credits can fulfill the 3 elective requirement or be a direct substitution of a required course. Required courses that are part of accreditation assessments cannot be substituted.

Masters' Core   
ED406 Master's Research Methods

Program Core   
EDU413 Contemporary Issues in Education Policy
ED439 Policy Analysis in Education

Choose at least three of the following courses:
ED464 State and Federal Education Policy
ED412 Sociology of Education
EDU411 Education Finance Issues in K-12 School Systems
ED461 The Politics of Education
EDU504 Economics of Education
EDE466 Educational Legal Theories and Policies


Choose 2-3 more courses (as needed to reach a total of 30 credits) from the previous list as well as the vast array of courses offered at the Warner School of Education and the University of Rochester at large. Classes taken outside of the Warner School must be approved by the faculty advisor.

Additional Requirements   
ED493 Master’s Research (Master’s Paper, Master's Thesis, Master’s Essay) (variable credits)


1. Students are strongly encouraged to enroll full-time in the summer to join a cohort that will take most of the courses together. Please consult with your advisor for more information.

2. By choosing electives appropriately, students can reduce the number of additional credits required to complete an optional Advanced Certificate as an enhancement to this degree. If interested, be sure to discuss options with your advisor early in your program.

3. Students interested in the Advanced Certificate in Urban Teaching and Leadership (UT1) should contact the UT1 Program Director to explore whether any of their program core courses or other electives could be used in lieu of ED468 - Leadership in Urban Schools. The other courses in the UT1 Program cannot be substituted.

Other Requirements:

In addition to the coursework indicated above, in order to graduate and to receive the certification(s)/licensure (if any) you are seeking this program has additional requirements. Please note that in some cases, while our program will provide you with all the academic experiences required for the certification you seek, there may be some additional requirements that you will have to complete independently and outside of our program in order to be granted that certification/licensure (ex: completing a certain number of years of mentored experiences). When that is the case, we have listed these requirements but also indicated that they are not a graduation requirement.

  • Master's Essay or Thesis