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Page link printed 11/21/2018

General Information About Warner Doctoral Assistantships

Assistantships are intended to provide Warner students with financial support to make their studies more affordable, as well as with unique apprenticeship opportunities to support their educational goals and chosen careers, while also providing valuable contributions to the Warner School’s mission.  In recognition of the time commitment required of assistantships, doctoral students holding any assistantship are considered fulltime if they register for at least 9 (instead of 12) credits a semester.
Warner offers two types of assistantships. Graduate assistantships are available to full-time doctoral students ONLY and provide financial support to students through a combination of stipend, full/partial tuition waiver, and a health fee waiver. All Warner doctoral students (parttime or fulltime) are instead eligible for teaching assistantships, if they qualify for needed teaching assignments. Teaching assistantships are compensated with a combination of stipend and partial tuition waiver, equivalent to what is offered to an adjunct instructor performing the same duties.
Since the primary mission of graduate education is to prepare the next generation of education scholars and leaders, we have designed doctoral assistantship opportunities that deepen and enrich our students’ understanding of their discipline and provide valuable professional training. Depending on the type of assistantship, such opportunities may include:
  • Performing supervised teaching responsibilities (which may include a range of supportive roles in a course taught by a Warner faculty member or being the main course instructor under the mentoring and oversight of a faculty member), supervisory responsibilities in the professional internships in which our students are required to engage, teaching K-12 students in some of our outreach programs, as well as other instruction-related responsibilities.
  • Playing a supporting role within research projects conducted by Warner faculty members, whether or not supported by an external grant; this may include a variety of responsibilities depending on the nature of the project as well as the preparation and background of the assistant.
  • Participating in a supportive role in other Warner projects and operations which may be of relevance in preparing for a faculty or leadership role within a college or university (such as institutional research, admissions, external relations, mentorship/support of new students, etc.) or other advanced career opportunities within your chosen field.
An assistantship at Warner may involve one or more of the types of assignments identified above, as specified in the individual appointment letter received by each assistant toward the end of summer each year.  Specialized training may be required as a prerequisite or condition to perform a specific assistantship assignment.
Warner offers partial (averaging  five to10 hours/week of service each semester) and full (averaging 15 to 20 hours/week of service each semester) assistantships on a competitive basis. Assistantships are usually provided during the fall and spring semesters only.
If awarded an assistantship at admission, the level (i.e., number of hours per week) will be specified as part of the admissions letter.  This minimum level will be guaranteed for the first three years of your doctoral program (provided you perform satisfactorily in your assistantship assignment and continue to make good progress in your program).  After the third year, this funding will not be guaranteed but you can apply for further funding. Most of our full-time doctoral students have benefited from assistantships in their fourth and even fifth years, if needed. “Residency-year” assistantships are awarded for one year only to part-time PhD students who are required by the University to complete one year as a full-time student.
Contact admissions for more information about doctoral assistantships.