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Joanne Larson

Joanne Larson

Michael W. Scandling Professor of Education

Chair, Teaching and Curriculum

Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles


Joanne Larson's ethnographic research examines how language and literacy practices mediate social and power relations in literacy events in schools and communities. She is the editor of Literacy as Snake Oil: Beyond the Quick Fix (Lang, 2001), currently in production of a second edition due in fall of 2007. Her book, Making Literacy Real: Theories and Practices in Learning and Teaching (2005) co-authored with Jackie Marsh, explores the breadth of the complex and important field of literacy studies, orientating literacy as a social practice grounded in social, cultural, historical and political contexts.She is co-editor of the Handbook of Early Childhood Literacy (Sage, 2003), which provides an overview of contemporary research into early childhood literacy. Larson has recently branched out from traditional publication venues to collaboratively produce a documentary film, A Life Outside, which explores the teaching life of Lynn Astarita Gatto, 2004 New York State Teacher of the Year.
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