DVD/Video: “Carl Rogers and the Person-Centered Approach”

Biography: The Life and Work of Carl Rogers

Classic Text: Values Clarification: A Handbook of Practical Strategies for Teachers and Students

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Carl Rogers and the Person-Centered Approach

Dr. Carl Rogers was one of the most influential psychologists and psychotherapist of our time. In this singular presentation, Rogers’ biographer Howard Kirschenbaum guides us through Rogers’ life and work and the development of the “client-centered” and “person-centered” approach to counseling, education, group work, and human relationships.

Many audio and video examples of Rogers counseling clients and working with groups, plus over 100 photographs, illustrate this comprehensive, 60-minute presentation.

“Wonderful, inspiring presentation”
Steve Olweean
President, Association for Humanistic Psychology

“Moving, Enlightening, Informative”
Dr. Gerald Rubenstein, Psychotherapist,
Professor, University of Rochester

The DVD/video is an excellent choice for Counseling Theory and Practice courses, psychology courses, and psychotherapy and human relations training programs. It is now being used in some 800 colleges, universities and institutes around the world.


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Carl Rogers Video Cover

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New Biography
The Life and Work of Carl Rogers

In this much expanded and comprehensively revised edition of On Becoming Carl Rogers (Delacorte, 1979), Howard Kirschenbaum deepens and broadens our understanding of each chapter of the eminent psychologist’s life and work and his contributions to psychology, the helping professions and society. The 10 years that followed the publication of the earlier work turned out to be one of the most important periods of Rogers’ career in which he expanded his client-centered/person-centered theory and practice into inter-cultural communication, conflict resolution and peacekeeping. Until now this work has not been widely known. On a personal level, access to recently revealed private papers tells us much more about Carl Rogers the man than was know to many of his closest associates.

Meticulously researched, this case bound hardback volume contains 740 pages, including over 100 pages of endnotes, references, sources and index, and 40 photographs. Published by PCCS Book, Ross-on-Wye, England.

“This book is absolutely essential reading for understanding Carl Rogers’ achievements, humanity and frailties… It is the definitive biography of this leading figure whose influence in contemporary society extends so much further than person-centred therapy and psychology for which he is best known”
Professor Tim Bond, School of Education, University of Bristol,
Past Chair, British Association for Counseling

Nearly thirty years after the appearance of On Becoming Carl Rogers, Kirschenbaum’s new biography…puts that extraordinary life and work into the kind of perspective that only time and maturity can provide. This is an outstanding resource and a ‘must read’ for mental health students and professionals and for the lay public.”
Ronald F. Levant, Ed.D., A.B.P.P., Dean and Professor of Psychology, University of Akron; 2005 President, American Psychological Association


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Values Clarification:
A Handbook of Practical Strategies for Teachers and Students

By Sidney B. Simon, Leland Howe and Howard Kirschenbaum

Classic (1972/1978) collection of 79 activities to help clients, students, individuals clarify their personal values and priorities in life. Some 2,000 examples of clarifying questions are included, including items suitable for children, adolescents and adults. Teachers and counselors still find these activities to be highly effective strategies for eliciting active participation by students and clients in group settings. Excellent resource for counselors, teachers, parents, youth workers and adult educators. Included with the book is an additional new introduction (1995) that places values clarification in the context of a broader values and character education.

400 pages. Published by Values Press, Hadley, Massachusetts. 600,000 copies in print!


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