Distance Learning Savings Calculator

A potential affordance of taking online courses can be saving money. A number of costs might be avoided when a student does not have to commute to a campus. Please enter your answers for each of the relevant categories for your estimate.

How far is your commute to campus? (miles/one way)
What is the mileage rate for your vehicle? (miles/gallon)
What do you pay for a gallon of gas? ($/gallon)
And/Or what are your public transportation costs? ($/round trip)
How much time does it take to commute to and from campus? (hours/round trip)
What is your time worth? ($/hour)
What do you pay for parking on campus? ($/class)
What are your childcare costs for the time you are commuting and in class? ($/class)
Estimated cost per trip:
How many times does the class meet per week?
How many weeks per semester?
Total estimated cost per semester:

The original version of this Savings Calculator was created in 1996 by Eric Fredericksen and Larry Greenberg.