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Online Learning at Warner

At the Warner School, we are committed to understanding the many ways that people learn, in and outside the classroom and across the lifespan, looking for the best tools to expand learning opportunities for diverse learners. Online learning continues to grow and has assumed an important role in education and society more generally.

In many of our programs and courses, online learning is increasingly an important element, to varying degrees.  Some of our courses are now offered entirely online or as hybrid courses, which combine elements of the traditional classroom experience with significant online learning components. A list of these courses is available HERE.

Since online learning occurs in a digital space, rather than face-to-face, with most interactions taking place asynchronously (i.e., students engage with the course materials at different times), it has some important differences from learning in traditional courses that meet regularly face-to-face, as well as many commonalities. Our position is not that one is necessarily better than the other, but rather that each has different strengths and weaknesses. Quality is not inherent in a particular method of instruction and the ability to achieve the learning objectives of courses is not constrained to a specific modality. Therefore, all credit-bearing courses offered online from the Warner School are applicable to our degree programs.

In addition, we now offer two programs in online teaching - a certificate program which can be pursued as a stand-alone, non-degree program or as an addition/enhancement to other University of Rochester programs, and a master's degree program for those with a specific interest in online teaching and learning.