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8/14/2019 UR-East High School Partnership Reaches Graduation Milestone 
6/10/2019 Democrat & Chronicle Guest Essay on Desegregation of Monroe County Schools Features Kara Finnigan's Book 
2/15/2019 Spectrum News Story Highlights UR/East EPO Progress 
11/15/2018 Shaun Nelms Keynotes ROC the Future’s 6th Annual State of Our Children Report Card
11/05/2018 New Ed Policy Book Highlights a Regional Equity Approach to Tackling Urban Educational Inequality
6/14/2017 City Newspaper: Schools Can’t Do It All — No Matter What We Think
6/07/2017 City Newspaper: "The UR's Bold Commitment to a City High School" 
6/01/2017 Excellence Through Equity: Creating Schools that Serve All Children Well
9/22/2016 Shaun Nelms on Teacher Diversity in City Newspaper
6/03/2016 New Center to Promote K-12 Urban Education Success
2/24/2016 Publicly Engaged Scholarship in Urban Communities: Teaching, Listening, and Collaborating
2/04/2016 EVENT: Award-Winning Author, Advocate, and Professor to Speak on the Critical Need to Invest in Urban Schools
6/19/2015 Charter School Students Take Regents Prep to the University Level
5/04/2015 Democrat & Chronicle Blog Shares "What the New East Will and Will Not Be"
9/03/2014 Back-to-School Story on East High in Democrat & Chronicle
4/19/2014 Becoming an Urban Education Consultant: How to Get Started
3/06/2014 Alumna Liz Hallmark '11W (PhD) on Poverty in Democrat & Chronicle
2/18/2014 Alumnus Robert Snyder '12, '13W (MS, CAS) Featured in D&C "Make Schools Better" Blog
1/22/2014 Wednesday Lunch Talk — Culturally Responsive Pedagogy for Black and Latino Urban Queer Youth
6/14/2013 Edward Brockenbrough Discusses Research on Black Male Teachers on Vialogues
6/04/2013 Urban Charter School Students Get a Taste of College
4/06/2012 Urban Education Expert to Discuss the Death of Trayvon Martin on WXXI Radio Show
3/08/2012 UTL Spring Forum on Urban Education
10/22/2010 Education Activist Speaks on the New Political Economy of Urban Education
4/17/2010 Arts Integration in the Classroom: Instructional Strategies for P-12 Educators
2/18/2010 UTL Teach-In on Mayoral Control Featured in Campus Times
2/11/2010 Teach-In: Mayoral Control of Public Schools
10/28/2009 Warner School to Host Public Forum on Latino Youth in Urban Schools
8/22/2008 Teen Action Team Empowers Rochester Surround Care Community Youth to Have a Voice in the Community
7/24/2008 Warner School Receives NYSED Teacher Opportunity Corps Funding to Support Urban Teaching and Leadership Program
11/26/2007 Student Panel to Discuss State of Rochester City Schools
10/24/2007 Interim City Schools Chief William Cala Speaks on NCLB, Urban Education
10/01/2007 Ares Publishes Geographies of Difference
9/04/2007 National Science Foundation Grant Boosts Efforts to Prepare Top-Notch Math and Science Teachers Serving High-Need Schools
5/09/2007 Rochester Youth Show Passion for the Community
12/07/2005 Urban Teaching and Leadership Forum
10/26/2005 Urban Teaching and Leadership Forum