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9/29/2019 Kara Finnigan Writes About the Root Causes of a School District in Crisis in the Democrat & Chronicle
2/08/2019 Kara Finnigan Writes about the Public Education Crisis in the Democrat & Chronicle
12/20/2017 Grant Will Support Study on Improving the Use of Research Evidence in Educational Systems
12/05/2016 How 'Horton' is a Hook to Talk about Research
9/07/2016 Ed-Talk by Kara Finnigan: Failing Systems, Complex Fix
8/10/2016 Kara Finnigan on Leadership Churn in the Democrat & Chronicle
6/03/2016 Coffee Hour: Educational Policy and Program Evaluation Graduate Programs Info Sessions
3/21/2016 New Book Focuses on the Role of Districts in Leading Complex Educational Reforms for Low-Performing Schools
2/02/2016 Kara Finnigan on the Role of Segregation in School Failure on Shanker Blog
12/28/2015 Kara Finnigan Shares Initial Response to Every Student Succeeds Act on the American Journal of Education Forum
10/16/2015 Researchers Show How Leadership "Churn" Undermines School Reform
1/28/2015 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Breaking Point: The College Affordability Crisis and Our Next Financial Bubble
11/13/2014 New Shanker Institute Blog Post Co-Authored by Kara Finnigan
10/28/2014 AYPF Webinar with Kara Finnigan - Using Research Evidence in Education
8/19/2014 Kara Finnigan on the Role of Social Relations in Teacher Evaluation on Shanker Institute Blog
7/16/2014 Washington Post Answer Sheet Blog Features Finnigan's Post on Building Relationships in School Reform
7/07/2014 Kara Finnigan on the Importance of Relationships in Educational Reform on Shanker Institute Blog
5/19/2014 New Book Aims to Bridge the Gap Between Research, Policy, and Practice to Support Change in America’s Schools
6/30/2013 Kara Finnigan on Urban-Suburban Interdistrict Transfer Program in Democrat and Chronicle
6/04/2012 Making the GRADE for Education
5/31/2012 Kara Finnigan on YNN on Low Performing Urban Schools
12/13/2011 Warner Professor Karen DeAngelis Awarded Spencer Foundation Grant
11/02/2011 Warner Hosts National Research Conference on School District Reform
3/24/2011 Master's Students Use Real-World Connections to Engage in Education Policy
2/28/2011 Warner Contributes to WXXI Education Policy Series Airing in March/April
2/07/2011 New Academic Partnership Builds Understanding of Interdistrict Collaboratives
8/15/2010 Warner Professor Earns Tenure and Promotion in 2010
11/16/2009 Educational Policy Expert Receives Urban School Improvement Research Grant
11/16/2009 Finnigan's Urban School Research Grant Featured in Rochester Business Journal
5/27/2009 Educational Policy and Higher Education Information Session
4/13/2009 Finnigan, Brent Quoted in Democrat and Chronicle on New Master's in Educational Policy
4/01/2009 Educational Policy Lunch Information Session
3/25/2009 Educational Policy Coffee Hour
3/20/2009 Warner School Offers New Educational Policy Master's Program
7/15/2007 New Warner Professor Gets National Attention for Teacher Attrition Study
7/02/2007 New Warner Professor Gets National Attention for Teacher Attrition Study
Finnigan Quoted in Rochester Business Journal on New Master's in Educational Policy