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6/11/2019 Kara Finnigan on Urban-Suburban Program in Democrat & Chronicle
6/10/2019 Democrat & Chronicle Guest Essay on Desegregation of Monroe County Schools Features Kara Finnigan's Book 
11/05/2018 New Ed Policy Book Highlights a Regional Equity Approach to Tackling Urban Educational Inequality
3/26/2018 New Book Grapples with Policy Issues in Social Studies Education
6/14/2017 Kara Finnigan on Leadership Churn in American Educator
6/05/2017 Ed Policy Alumna Jenna Tomasello ‘15W (MS) on School Diversity in The Hechinger Report
3/01/2017 Education Researchers from Warner Take a Look at Big Data
8/17/2016 New Equity Alliance Blog Post Co-Authored by Kara Finnigan 
3/21/2016 New Book Focuses on the Role of Districts in Leading Complex Educational Reforms for Low-Performing Schools
1/13/2016 Kara Finnigan Contributes to PBS NewsHour Story on Rochester's Urban-Suburban Program
8/19/2014 Kara Finnigan on the Role of Social Relations in Teacher Evaluation on Shanker Institute Blog
6/17/2014 Follow the Money: How Education Policy is Made in New York. A Dialogue. (Presented by David Hursh)
2/05/2014 Wednesday Lunch Talk — The Geography of Educational Opportunity:  GIS Mapping and Interdistrict Choice
10/31/2013 Kara Finnigan on School Integration in Democrat and Chronicle
10/23/2013 Kara Finnigan on the Role of School Boards in the Democrat & Chronicle
8/27/2013 Blog Feature: Kevin Meuwissen on Teachers as Political Actors
2/11/2013 Warner Professor Takes Research to Policymakers on Capitol Hill
1/09/2013 Kara Finnigan Awarded Spencer Foundation Grant to Study Chicago Schools
9/10/2012 Warner Student Kareem Hayes on New RCSD Fatherhood Initiative on WXXI
5/30/2012 Improving Urban School Reform: Warner Professor Receives Second Award from William T. Grant Foundation
3/16/2012 Uebbing on WXXI on State Education Policy, School Funding