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4/05/2019 Warner Doctoral Student Judith Van Alstyne Contributes Blog Post on Teaching with Technology on Literacy Daily
1/23/2019 Wednesday Lunch Hour - "Nothing succeeds like success": The Matthew Effect and Doctoral Education
6/14/2018 A Personal and Professional Transition
1/29/2018 Doctoral Writing SIG Blog Features Advice on Organizing a Writing Camp from Mary Jane Curry and Jayne Lammers
3/26/2014 Doctoral Student Awarded AADA Research Grant for Study on Aging
9/27/2013 Warner Doctoral Student is New York’s 2014 Teacher of the Year
8/08/2012 Doctoral Research Poster Session
5/16/2012 Warner Student Honored with RACCE Outstanding Adult Student Award
6/03/2010 Warner Student Awarded University-wide Edward Peck Curtis Teaching Award
5/12/2010 Emerging Scholarly Writers: Students Give Behind-the-Scenes Look into the Creation of Youth-full Productions
4/23/2010 2010 Doctoral Portfolio Evaluation Information Session
4/12/2010 Youth-full Productions: Meet the Authors, Hear Their Stories
1/25/2010 Professor, Students Collaborate on New Book Examining the Rich Resources Marginalized Youth Bring to the Classroom
1/11/2010 Warner Student Helps Promote Early Science Learning on Ever-Popular Children's Show
10/13/2009 Doctoral Students Help Improve College Access for Underprivileged Youth in Rochester
9/18/2008 Warner Doctoral Student BaileyShea Awarded Ping Fellowship
8/07/2008 Doctoral Research Poster Session
12/28/2007 Warner Doctoral Students Present Work, Win Big at AESA Conference
5/10/2007 Students Present Symposium on Youth Cultural Practices
12/16/2006 Poster Session
12/01/2006 Students Create Wiki as a Resource
8/14/2006 Doctoral Research Poster Session
3/01/2006 New Ed.D. Option for Professionals
12/08/2005 Poster Session
8/10/2005 Doctoral Research Poster Session
8/11/2004 Poster Session
12/11/2003 Poster Session