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4/24/2019 Wednesday Lunch - Smart/Dumb, Good/Bad: Shaping Children's Racial Experiences Over Time
4/17/2019 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Developing a K-12 Research Collaboration across Computer Science, Data Science and Warner
4/10/2019 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Creativity in Counselor Education
4/03/2019 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Studying Teenagers' Political Thinking: What We're Learning from a Design-Based Intervention Study
3/27/2019 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Plans vs. Reality: Warner Students Share Lessons Learned from Their Dissertation Processes
3/20/2019 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Engaging Older Adult Learners as Health Researchers (ENGOAL): Research Proposals from a Cohort of Community Activists and Scholars
3/06/2019 Wednesday Lunch Hour - How is Rochester a Prison Town?
2/27/2019 Wednesday Lunch Hour - A Freedom School's Response to Miseducation
2/13/2019 Wednesday Lunch Hour - The Biology of Early Life Trauma and the Implications for Academic Success
2/06/2019 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Using Research to Drive and Change Community Organizations and Schools
1/30/2019 Wednesday Lunch Hour - The Mindful University
1/23/2019 Wednesday Lunch Hour - "Nothing succeeds like success": The Matthew Effect and Doctoral Education
1/16/2019 Wednesday Lunch Hour - An Introduction and Conversation with Dean Anand R. Marri
12/05/2018 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Warner 2000-2018: A Walk Down Memory Lane
11/28/2018 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Causewave's Shaping Our Stories Project
11/14/2018 Wednesday Lunch Hour - A Fireside Chat about Doing Academic Work: Exploring Mentorship, Vulnerability, and Self Care
11/07/2018 Wednesday Lunch Hour - The Peer-Led Team Learning Workshop Program at the U of R: How Should We Measure Success?
10/31/2018 Wednesday Lunch Talk - Making Collective Sense of Academic Priorities: How Deans Stimulate Dialogue with Their Senior Teams
10/24/2018 Wednesday Lunch Hour - M.E.L.I.O.R.A. What's in a Name?
10/17/2018 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Striving in Common: A Regional Equity Framework for Urban Schools
10/10/2018 Wednesday Lunch Talk - Resisting High-Stakes Testing: Lessons from the Opt-Out Movement
10/03/2018 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Cultural Connections: Inner Mongolia
9/26/2018 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Learning in the Digital Age: Affordances and Implications for All Educators
9/19/2018 “Neuromyths” and Their Impact on Education
9/12/2018 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Warner Updates and Introductions
4/25/2018 Wednesday Lunch Hour - The Privatization of Education in Iceland and the Nordic Countries
4/18/2018 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Race, Class, Kinship and Adoption
4/11/2018 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Emerging Scholars in the ENGOAL Project: Researching Health and Aging by Older Adults
3/14/2018 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Peer Reviewing Manuscripts for Journals: Editor's Perspective
3/07/2018 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Resources for Supporting Your Aging Family Members
2/28/2018 Wednesday Lunch Hour - A Cultural Connection: Demystifying Counseling Services: A Perspective from Chinese International Students
1/31/2018 Wednesday Lunch Hour - A Mind/Body Approach to Healing Chronic Pain
1/24/2018 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Are You Worried? Stressed Out? Tips for Handling These Negative Feelings So They Don't Take Over
1/17/2018 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Semester Start with Collegial Conversations
12/06/2017 Hazing on College Campuses: A Discussion of Perspectives and Responses to Inform Research, Policy and Practice
11/29/2017 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Digital Conversion in K-12: What are K-12 Schools Up To in the Digital Era?
11/15/2017 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Cultural Connections: Socio-cultural Challenges of Studying Abroad
11/01/2017 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Update on East High EPO: Overall Progress and a Closer Look at Professional Learning, Curriculum and Teacher Leadership
10/25/2017 Wednesday Lunch - Collegial Conversations
10/11/2017 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Trends in Academic Libraries - What's on the Horizon?
10/04/2017 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Trauma Informed Care: Through the Lens of Applied Behavior Analysis
9/27/2017 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Living Well Now and in the Future: Why Sustainability Matters
9/20/2017 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Supporting Undocumented Post-Secondary Students in the Trump Era
9/13/2017 Wednesday Lunch Hour - The Dark Side of Organizational Saga: Sowing the Seeds of Ethical Fading at Penn State University
9/06/2017 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Back to School: Warner Updates and Introductions
4/26/2017 Wednesday Lunch Hour - When Reading Gets Ruff: Understanding the Literacy Experience of Children Engaged in a Canine-Assisted Reading Program
4/19/2017 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Unapologetically Muslim: Supporting College Students' Identity
4/12/2017 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Finding America Again: Minor League Baseball Trips as Education
4/05/2017 Wednesday Lunch Talk - Teachers as Community Members: Teacher Residency and Student-Teacher Relationships
3/08/2017 Wednesday Lunch Hour - A Constructivist Approach to Using Popular Films in a Multicultural Course
3/01/2017 Wednesday Lunch Hour - A Conversation with Dean Raffaella Borasi
2/22/2017 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Considering "Emotional Design" as Key to "Universal Design": Sharing a Middle School Literacy Intervention with Emotion at its Core
2/15/2017 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Cultural Connections: The Mystery of Chinese Names: Stories and Pronunciation
2/08/2017 Wednesday Lunch Hour - #read4luv: A Conversation about Literacy
2/01/2017 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Social Media 101 for Academics: Venturing Outside of the Comfort Zone to Access Information, Engage Students, and Communicate with Your Research
1/18/2017 Wednesday Lunch Talk - The Evolution of Intelligence
11/30/2016 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Religious and Historical Perspectives on Poverty
11/16/2016 Wednesday Lunch Talk - Connected Communities: Experiences from Ghana and the USA
11/09/2016 Wednesday Lunch Talk - Public Intellectuals in the Community
11/02/2016 Wednesday Lunch Talk - The Importance of Pre-Doctoral Research Opportunities: Insights on Collaborative Learning Within a Simulation-based Assessment Platform
10/26/2016 Wednesday Lunch Talk - Vocational Education and Training: Policies and Practices
10/19/2016 Wednesday Lunch Talk - Lessons from the Trail: Transitioning from Activity to Advocacy
10/12/2016 Wednesday Lunch Talk - Sustainable Systems Thinking: Food for Thought
10/05/2016 Wednesday Lunch Talk - Cultural Humility
9/28/2016 Wednesday Lunch Talk - Before the Death Penalty: The Integration of Academics, Athletics and Fundraising at SMU
9/21/2016 Wednesday Lunch Talk - Update on East
4/27/2016 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Resisting the Politics of Privatization in Education: The Results from an Activist Scholars Meeting in New York City
4/20/2016 Wednesday Lunch Hour - A Faculty Fulbright Fellowship: Living, Working and Researching in Chile
4/13/2016 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Adolescent Social Responsibility: How It Develops and How to Foster It
4/06/2016 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Transforming Raw Data into Research Publications: Primary and Secondary Coding Processes from the EdTPA Project
3/30/2016 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) and Urban Transformation in the Beechwood Neighborhood
3/23/2016 Wednesday Lunch Hour - A Community Conversation about the Opt-Out Movement and Testing in New York
3/16/2016 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Kosovo: A Diverse History and the Challenges of Building an Educational System
3/09/2016 Wednesday Lunch Hour - The University of Rochester's One Community Program
3/02/2016 Wednesday Lunch Talk - Ending the R Word
2/24/2016 Wednesday Lunch Conversation
2/10/2016 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Mindfulness in the Classroom
2/03/2016 Wednesday Lunch Hour - 7 Habits and the Leader in Me
1/27/2016 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Warner Book Club and Swap
1/20/2016 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Ties That Matter: Using Social Network Analysis to Examine the Relationship Between Informal Conncections Between Educational Leaders and Research Use
12/02/2015 No Wednesday Lunch Talk
11/25/2015 Wednesday Lunch Hour -- Break for Thanksgiving Holiday 
11/18/2015 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Imagined Communities in Language Learning
11/11/2015 Wednesday Lunch Hour -Building a Virtual St. George's: History, Education, and the Promises of Videogames
11/04/2015 Wednesday Lunch Hour - A Cultural Connection: Mukbang Taking Over the Lives of Young People in Korea. Is it a Phenomenon or an Entrepreneurial Activity?
10/28/2015 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Intervention for Older Adults Who Have Vision Loss
10/21/2015 Wednesday Lunch Talk - The Organizational Trap of Ethical Fading: Privileging Clout in Admissions at the University of Illinois
10/14/2015 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Archaeology in the Classroom: Public Practice and Integrative Approaches to the Ancient World
10/07/2015 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Residents' Claims to Community Spaces
9/30/2015 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Learning in the Digital Age
9/23/2015 Wednesday Lunch Hour - The New East: A Progress Report
9/16/2015 Wednesday Lunch Talk - Examining Youth Participation in Online Affinity Spaces: Snapshots from a Developing Research Agenda
9/09/2015 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Back to School: Warner Updates and Introductions
4/29/2015 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Shining Light in the Shadows of the Ivory Tower: Emerging Research Focused on Staff in Higher Education
4/22/2015 Warner Lunch Hour - Freedom Schools as Settings for Youth Development: Identifying Community Based Assets and Accountability Criteria
4/15/2015 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Sharing Student Experiences with Warner's Online Teaching Certificate Program
4/08/2015 Wednesday Lunch Hour — Andrew Cuomo and the Attack on Public Schools
4/01/2015 Wednesday Lunch Talk - Tools for Change: Sharing Nonviolence with Students in Rochester
3/25/2015 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Service after the Sale: Supporting School Leaders on the Job
3/18/2015 Wednesday Lunch Hour - A Conversation with Dean Raffaella Borasi
3/04/2015 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Networking: LinkedIn and Beyond
2/25/2015 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Teaching Candidates' Perceptions of and Experiences with Early Implementation of the edTPA Assessment in New York and Washington States
2/18/2015 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Chilean Educational System: The Students Fight for Justice and Equity
2/11/2015 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Poverty, Jobs & Democracy in Rochester (and Western NY): Thinking Out Loud About How UofR Could Support a Progressive Agenda
2/04/2015 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Farming and Healing: Therapeutic and Educational Opportunities in Local, Organic, Community-Supported Agriculture
1/28/2015 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Breaking Point: The College Affordability Crisis and Our Next Financial Bubble
1/21/2015 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Minding the Gap: How UR Supports Students Who Are In or Heading Toward Distress
12/10/2014 Wednesday Lunch Talk - Restorative Practices: A Better Way Forward
12/03/2014 Wednesday Lunch Talk - Bridging the Divide Between Academia and the Rest of the World: Using Social Media, Popular Press, Twitter, and Other Avenues to Inform Policy and Practice
11/19/2014 Wednesday Lunch Talk — Young Entrepreneurs Academy
11/12/2014 Wednesday Lunch Talk - Connecting Global Research to Local Practice
11/05/2014 Wednesday Lunch Talk - Migrant Education and the Opening Doors Diversity Project
10/29/2014 Wednesday Lunch Talk - Understanding Psychopathology: An Integral Exploration of Its Many Causes and Treatments
10/22/2014 Wednesday Lunch Talk - Everyday Biases: Recognizing and Confronting Racial Micro-Aggressions
10/15/2014 Wednesday Lunch Talk - Cultural Connections: Jamaica
10/08/2014 Wednesday Lunch Talk - Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness: Social Justice and the Black Experience in America
10/01/2014 Wednesday Lunch Talk - The Future of East High
9/24/2014 Wednesday Lunch Talk - Coordinating Data Collection and Analysis Across People, Time and Space
9/17/2014 Wednesday Lunch Talk - Rethinking College
9/10/2014 Wednesday Lunch Talk - Sexual Harassment on Campus
9/03/2014 Wednesday Lunch Talk — Welcome and Introductions
4/30/2014 Wednesday Lunch Talk - Music of Difference
4/23/2014 Wednesday Lunch Talk - Why Do American School Buildings Look the Way They Do?
4/21/2014 MONDAY Lunch Talk — Living in the Versus: Intentionality and Boundary Crossing in a Community-University Partnership
4/16/2014 Wednesday Lunch Talk — Normativity, Nationalism, Neoliberalism: How and Why Charter Schools and Marriage "Equality" Now
4/09/2014 Wednesday Lunch Talk — Applied Behavior Analysis: Glimpses of Data with Learners with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Beyond
4/02/2014 Wednesday Lunch Talk — Multiple Perspectives on Access in Higher Education:  Examining Geography, Enrollment Management and Financial Aid
3/26/2014 Wednesday Lunch Talk — Integrating Mindfulness into Counselor Training
3/19/2014 Wednesday Lunch Talk — Social Justice and Aging: Understanding the Profound Disparities in Late Life Mental and Physical Health
3/05/2014 Wednesday Lunch Talk — Open Access Publishing: Is the Future Now?
2/26/2014 Wednesday Lunch Talk — Radical Equality in Education: Starting Over in U.S. Schooling
2/19/2014 Wednesday Lunch Talk — Experiential Learning and Innovation in Medication Education
2/12/2014 Wednesday Lunch Talk — Cultural Connections: China
1/29/2014 Wednesday Lunch Talk — Summer Learning: A Look at Horizons at Warner
1/22/2014 Wednesday Lunch Talk — Culturally Responsive Pedagogy for Black and Latino Urban Queer Youth
1/15/2014 Wednesday Lunch Talk - Semester Kick-Off with Dean Borasi
12/11/2013 Wednesday Lunch Talk — Getting Published (in English): Choices and Strategies
12/04/2013 Wednesday Lunch Talk - Cultural Connections: New Perspectives from the Middle East
11/20/2013 Wednesday Lunch Talk - Entrepreneurial Skills for Educators Takes New Shape as an Online Course
11/13/2013 Wednesday Lunch Talk - Teacher and Student Collaborative Lesson Planning within the Common Core State Standards
11/06/2013 Wednesday Lunch Talk - Down in the Chapel: Religious Life in an American Prison
10/30/2013 Wednesday Lunch Talk - Motivation and College Student Success
10/23/2013 Wednesday Lunch Talk - Connecting Research to Practice Through Professional Learning: Sharing Stories from the Field
10/16/2013 Wednesday Lunch Talk - Action Video Games as Exemplary Learning Tools
10/09/2013 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Teachers as Political Actors
10/02/2013 Wednesday Lunch Talk - WOW! – Working Online @ Warner
9/25/2013 Wednesday Lunch Talk —  National Standards for Achievement in Elementary Schools: What Can We Learn from New Zealand's Unusual Approach?
9/18/2013 Wednesday Lunch Talk - Transitions: Collaboratively Developing a Curriculum on Future Educational Choices for English Learners
9/11/2013 Wednesday Lunch Hour — Warner in the Community
9/04/2013 Wednesday Lunch Hour - 2013 Welcome and Introductions
5/08/2013 Wednesday Lunch Talk — Teaching and Learning on the World WILD Web
4/24/2013 Wednesday Lunch Talk — Beginning at the End: Life-Long Learning Through the Care of Others at End-of-Life
4/17/2013 Wednesday Lunch Talk — Local Expertise: Teacher and Librarian Literacy Practices in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
4/10/2013 Wednesday Lunch Talk — A "Call and Response" Scholarly Conversation: Race without Racism: How Higher Education Researchers Minimize Racist Institutional Norms
4/03/2013 Wednesday Lunch Talk - Navigating the Academic Job Search Process
3/27/2013 Wednesday Lunch Talk — Beyond the Asterisk: Understanding Native American College Students
3/20/2013 Wednesday Lunch Talk - Research and Evaluation
3/13/2013 Wednesday Lunch Talk — Engaging Youth in Community Activism
3/06/2013 Wednesday Lunch Talk — Online Teaching and Learning
2/27/2013 Wednesday Lunch Talk — Fraternity/Sorority Life: Leadership and Student Engagement
2/20/2013 Wednesday Lunch Talk - Collaboration and Coalition-Building Across Campus: Joining Forces in Diversity and Inclusion Work
2/13/2013 Wednesday Lunch Talk - Jump Start Your Writing Practice
2/06/2013 Wednesday Lunch Talk - Reading and Writing Community: Literacies in Use
1/30/2013 Wednesday Lunch Talk - The Future of Higher Education
1/23/2013 Wednesday Lunch Talk - Marching on to Freedomland: Experiences in the Civil Rights Movement
1/16/2013 LeChase Hall Lunch Celebration
12/05/2012 Wednesday Lunch Conversation — Human Development Students: Making Connections Between the Classroom and the Community
11/28/2012 Wednesday Lunch Conversation — The iPad: A Revolutionary Tool for Teaching, Research and Organizing Your Life
11/21/2012 NO Wednesday Lunch Conversation — Happy Thanksgiving!!!
11/14/2012 Wednesday Lunch Conversation — Entrepreneurship in Education: Charter School Leadership
11/07/2012 Wednesday Lunch Talk — Human Rights and Inclusive Education: An International Perspective
10/10/2012 Wednesday Lunch Conversation — The Doctoral Student Experience at Warner
10/03/2012 Wednesday Lunch Conversation — Room to Breathe: Organizing Steps to Simplify Your Life
9/26/2012 Wednesday Lunch Conversation: LeChase Hall — Imagining Our Future in Our New Home
9/19/2012 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Supporting English Language Learners Across Teaching, Counseling and Leadership: Project CELLS
9/12/2012 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Warner in the Community
9/05/2012 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Welcome from the Dean and Introductions
5/02/2012 Wednesday Lunch Talk - The Last Lunch
4/25/2012 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Opting Out of Dementia: Is the Choice Really Yours?
4/11/2012 Wednesday Lunch Talk - "Doing AERA"
4/04/2012 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Satyagraha:  Principles and Practices of the Nonviolence Education Program
3/21/2012 Wednesday Lunch Hour - K-12 Schools in Asia: Conversations with International Students about Schooling and Education
3/14/2012 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Education and the Human Good
3/07/2012 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Writing for Publication
2/29/2012 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Transforming the Corner Store into a Cornerstone
2/22/2012 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Unpacking Identy(ies), (De)constructing Difference
2/15/2012 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Disentangling the Love/Hate Relationship with Educational Policy
2/08/2012 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Drilling into Controversy
2/01/2012 Wednesday Lunch Hour - The Stout Hounds
4/14/2010 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Scandling Lecture Preview
4/07/2010 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Faculty Colloquium
3/24/2010 Wednesday Lunch Hour - How Technology is Changing Knowledge Distribution
3/17/2010 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Theories to Practice: Listening to Student and Parent Voices
3/10/2010 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Charles Settlement House Tackles the 21st Century
3/03/2010 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Faculty Colloquium
2/24/2010 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Spirituality: The Awkward Discussion
2/17/2010 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Chica and the Man: Microaggressions in the workplace and classroom
2/03/2010 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Home-Going as a Strategy of Success
1/27/2010 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Current Research and Opportunities in Higher Education
1/20/2010 Wednesday Lunch Hour - The Haiti Earthquake Made Personal
12/09/2009 Wednesday Lunch Hour - The latest technology and the new Blackboard updates
12/02/2009 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Publishing Engineering Writing: Access and participation in academic settings and professional practices
11/18/2009 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Entrepreneurship Week
11/11/2009 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Issues Surrounding Homophobic Bullying
11/04/2009 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Why Doesn't Research Make it to Practice? Making Connections Between Research and Practice.
10/28/2009 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Coping with Stress in the Busy Lives of Faculty, Staff and Students
10/21/2009 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Mindfulness as a Tool in Combating Stress
10/14/2009 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Sharing Session: Promoting Diversity Awareness in the Classroom
10/07/2009 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Faculty Colloquium
9/30/2009 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Visiting Faculty Colloquium
9/23/2009 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Warner Projects in the Community
9/16/2009 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Brainstorming and Prioritizing Warner Lunch Topics
9/09/2009 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Catching a Teachable (Lunch) Moment: Obama’s Speech to the Nation’s School Children
9/02/2009 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Welcome back meet and greet
5/06/2009 Warner Lunch Hour - Faculty Colloquium
4/22/2009 Warner Lunch Hour - Addressing Hate Speech
4/08/2009 Warner Lunch Hour - Faculty Colloquium
4/01/2009 Warner Lunch Hour - Faculty Colloquium
3/25/2009 Warner Lunch Hour - Scandling Lecture Reading and Discussion
3/18/2009 Warner Lunch Hour - Passin' for Black: Race, Identity, and Bone Memory in Post-Racial America
3/11/2009 Warner Lunch Hour - Alumni Stories
2/18/2009 Warner Lunch Hour - Warner School Building Update
2/11/2009 Warner Lunch Hour - Working as a Research Team: Best Practices and Challenges
2/04/2009 Warner Lunch Hour - Faculty Colloquium with Abe Deleon
1/28/2009 Warner Lunch Hour - Warner School Building Update
1/21/2009 Warner Lunch Hour - Diversity Committee Program
1/14/2009 Warner Lunch Hour - Teaching Larger Classes or Research Teams
11/19/2008 Wednesday Lunch Hour
11/12/2008 Wednesday Lunch Hour
11/05/2008 Wednesday Lunch Hour
10/29/2008 Wednesday Lunch Hour
10/15/2008 Wednesday Lunch Hour
10/08/2008 Wednesday Lunch Hour: The Warner Center
10/01/2008 Wednesday Lunch Hour: Faculty Colloquia
9/24/2008 Warner Wednesday Lunch Hour
9/10/2008 Warner Wednesday Lunch Hour
9/03/2008 Warner Wednesday Lunch Hour
9/28/2005 Viruses and Data Back-up or How Not to Lose Your Work!
9/21/2005 What is WebCT Really Capable Of?
9/14/2005 Learning About Strategic Planning
9/14/2005 Colloquium by Craig Barclay
9/07/2005 Getting to Know Our New Faculty and Doctoral Students
Wednesday Lunch Talk - Teacher and Student Collaborative Lesson Planning within the Common Core State Standards
Warner Lunch Hour - Warner Summer Reading List: For Growth and Fun
Warner Lunch Hour