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4/03/2019 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Studying Teenagers' Political Thinking: What We're Learning from a Design-Based Intervention Study
3/13/2019 Kevin Meuwissen on Helping Students to Bridge the Political Divide on WXXI Connections
2/08/2019 Warner Professor Takes a Look at Civil and Civic Discourse 
2/02/2019 Kevin Meuwissen and Liz Van Son on the Teaching Profession on WHEC-TV
8/20/2018 Kevin Meuwissen Addresses Memory Through the Field of Social Studies Education in Rochester Review 
3/26/2018 New Book Grapples with Policy Issues in Social Studies Education
1/30/2018 Kevin Meuwissen on Adolescents' Political Views on WXXI
1/24/2018 Warner Professor Receives Spencer Foundation Grant to Explore Adolescents’ Political Thinking and Learning
11/07/2017 Meuwissen & Cutt Contribute to the Homework Debate on 13WHAM-TV/FOX Rochester
10/18/2017 Kevin Meuwissen Featured in Rochester Business Journal for National Award
10/17/2017 Kevin Meuwissen Named NCSS 2017 Exemplary Research Award Winner
7/14/2017 Larson, Meuwissen on Designing Schools from Scratch on WXXI
7/10/2017 Kevin Meuwissen on Teaching American History on WXXI Connections
6/21/2017 Kevin Meuwissen Discusses PD in the Age of Accountability on Visions of Education Podcast  
7/06/2016 Meuwissen & Luehmann Essay on Persistence, Professional Satisfaction in Teaching on Huffington Post
6/01/2016 Hechinger Report Features Warner School Study on edTPA
5/18/2016 Research Shows Improvements in edTPA Preparation Despite Persistent Challenges
4/06/2016 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Transforming Raw Data into Research Publications: Primary and Secondary Coding Processes from the EdTPA Project
3/23/2016 Wednesday Lunch Hour - A Community Conversation about the Opt-Out Movement and Testing in New York
12/14/2015 Warner School Researchers Find Pitfalls in New Teacher Certification Assessment
3/02/2015 Study Shows Teacher Candidates Lack a Clear Understanding of edTPA
12/03/2014 Wednesday Lunch Talk - Bridging the Divide Between Academia and the Rest of the World: Using Social Media, Popular Press, Twitter, and Other Avenues to Inform Policy and Practice
11/13/2014 Warner Study on edTPA Featured in Campus Times
11/07/2014 Warner School Professors Awarded Spencer Foundation Funding to Study Early Impacts of edTPA Implementation
5/01/2014 Warner Professor Testifies on edTPA at NYS Assembly Hearing
10/16/2013 Kevin Meuwissen on Teachers as Political Actors in Education Week
10/09/2013 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Teachers as Political Actors
8/27/2013 Blog Feature: Kevin Meuwissen on Teachers as Political Actors
3/29/2013 Kevin Meuwissen on Generating Productive Political Discussions on Huffington Post
9/13/2010 Warner Helps Rochester City School Teachers Enhance History Lessons