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4/29/2019 Warner School Professor Headed to Indonesia on Fulbright Scholar Award
4/04/2019 Warner School Takes Part in the 2019 AERA Annual Meeting in Toronto
3/27/2019 Should Higher Education Go Digital? 
3/27/2019 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Plans vs. Reality: Warner Students Share Lessons Learned from Their Dissertation Processes
11/14/2018 Wednesday Lunch Hour - A Fireside Chat about Doing Academic Work: Exploring Mentorship, Vulnerability, and Self Care
1/29/2018 Doctoral Writing SIG Blog Features Advice on Organizing a Writing Camp from Mary Jane Curry and Jayne Lammers
6/19/2017 Warner Faculty Recognized by Board of Trustees
5/10/2017 Lammers to Receive University’s Excellence in Teaching Award
4/25/2017 Breaking Boundaries with Video Games
1/13/2017 Jayne Lammers on Connecting Classrooms With Online Fanfiction Communities on International Literacy Association Blog
1/13/2016 Prof Jayne Lammers and Warner Doctoral Student Kristana Textor Featured in Rochester Review Story on Video Games 
9/25/2015 Researcher Examines How Affinity Spaces Motivate Teen Writers
9/18/2015 Jayne Lammers on Teaching "Networked Writing" on Literacy Daily Blog
9/16/2015 Wednesday Lunch Talk - Examining Youth Participation in Online Affinity Spaces: Snapshots from a Developing Research Agenda
11/14/2014 Jayne Lammers Writes Essay on Literacy Pedagogy in Online Fanfiction Spaces on Reading Today Online
2/20/2014 Jayne Lammers on Technology Usage Among Adolescents on WROC-TV
12/11/2013 Wednesday Lunch Talk — Getting Published (in English): Choices and Strategies
6/26/2013 Jayne Lammers' Educational Games for Girls Webinar Featured in edWeb's Top 10 Webinars of 2013
5/30/2013 Warner Professor Teams Up with Second Avenue Learning to Develop a Videogame that Teaches Chemistry
5/08/2013 Wednesday Lunch Talk — Teaching and Learning on the World WILD Web
1/17/2013 Lammers Quoted in eSchool News Article on Girls and Video Games