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4/04/2019 Warner School Takes Part in the 2019 AERA Annual Meeting in Toronto
10/10/2018 Wednesday Lunch Talk - Resisting High-Stakes Testing: Lessons from the Opt-Out Movement
9/13/2018 David Hursh on Standardized Tests on WHEC-TV
4/09/2018 David Hursh Coauthors Democrat & Chronicle Guest Essay on Alternatives to High-Stakes Testing
12/05/2017 Forum on the Regents and the Research: Creating Great Schools and Students Through Research-Based Policies & Practices
8/01/2017 David Hursh Discusses Neoliberalism on WXXI
8/29/2016 David Hursh Talks Independent Schools on WXXI 
4/27/2016 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Resisting the Politics of Privatization in Education: The Results from an Activist Scholars Meeting in New York City
4/05/2016 Q&A Feature with David Hursh in Currents: The End of Public Schools?
3/23/2016 Wednesday Lunch Hour - A Community Conversation about the Opt-Out Movement and Testing in New York
2/27/2016 Labor Lyceum Event: Saving Public Schools From Privateers (Featuring David Hursh)
2/03/2016 David Hursh Contributes to the Charter Schools Discussion on WXXI Connections
12/21/2015 David Hursh on the "End of Public Education" on New York NOW
11/10/2015 New Book Aims to Reassert the “Public” in Public Education
4/08/2015 Wednesday Lunch Hour — Andrew Cuomo and the Attack on Public Schools
3/17/2015 UR Warner School Professor, Alumnus Honored with Guest Editor Post for Environmental Education Journal
7/31/2014 Sharing the Experience of School Reforms Overseas
7/31/2014 David Hursh on Teacher Tenure in Democrat & Chronicle
6/19/2014 David Hursh on State Assessments
6/17/2014 Follow the Money: How Education Policy is Made in New York. A Dialogue. (Presented by David Hursh)
6/11/2014 David Hursh Discusses the Money Behind the Common Core on WXXI's Connections
4/03/2014 David Hursh Delivers MEL Talk on High-Stakes Testing and the Teaching Profession
3/13/2014 David Hursh Featured on Education Historian Diane Ravitch's Blog
8/11/2013 David Hursh on Common Core Test Scores in Democrat and Chronicle
6/14/2013 David Hursh Talks School Rankings on WXXI's Need to Know Rochester
5/24/2013 David Hursh, Warner Students on Saving Teaching on WXXI
4/24/2013 Larson, Hursh on the Teaching Profession in City Newspaper
3/13/2013 Education for Environmental Health and Sustainability in Developing Countries with David Hursh
12/04/2012 Hursh Comments on RCSD Plan to Add 300 Hours to School Year on 13WHAM  
10/17/2012 The Failure of Corporate School Reform: Chicago and Beyond
9/24/2012 WXXI's Innovation Conversation: Middle School Moment
6/15/2012 David Hursh Interviewed by Education Radio
3/27/2012 David Hursh Profiled in Democrat and Chronicle
2/08/2012 Focus on Education in the Developing World
11/16/2011 New Book Shows Environmental Health Belongs in the Classroom
8/10/2011 Warner Professor Discusses Education Issues on WXXI
7/14/2011 Revamping Health Education Curriculum in Uganda
5/11/2011 Hursh Discusses Education, Environment on WXXI
4/28/2011 WXXI 1370 Presents Environmental Sustainability, Ecology, and Higher Education
3/22/2011 Environmental Education, Biological Diversity, and Resilience: Lessons from East Africa
12/16/2010 David Hursh Talks Education Reform on WXXI's 1370 Connection
10/04/2010 Hursh Discusses Education Issues on WXXI
9/17/2010 Teaching. Learning. Giving: A Lesson in Education, Health, and Sustainability in Makindye, Uganda
9/13/2010 Warner Helps Rochester City School Teachers Enhance History Lessons
8/18/2010 Warner Professor Weighs in on Education Issues on Radio Show
7/27/2010 Democrat and Chronicle Column Focuses on Professor's Global Sustainability Efforts
6/30/2010 Hursh in Vancouver Observer on Neoliberalism and Public Schools
6/07/2010 Warner Professor Shares Uganda Experience on WXXI
5/13/2010 New Interdisciplinary Curriculum Enables Schools to Pioneer Global Environmental Sustainability Efforts
5/04/2010 Hursh Quoted in ABC News Story on Mayoral Control
2/17/2010 Democrat and Chronicle Shares Professor's Critique of Mayoral Control
2/01/2010 Professor Will Discuss Changes to NCLB on WXXI
1/29/2010 Hursh Discusses Mayoral Control of Rochester Schools on YNN Rochester
12/28/2009 Hursh Discusses Mayoral Control of City Schools on WXXI 1370 Connection
12/02/2009 Hursh Featured in the News on Sustainability Education
11/15/2009 No Child at the Nextstage at the Geva Theatre Center
9/10/2009 Hursh Quoted in Parenting Magazine on High-Stakes Testing
8/28/2009 Warner Professor Will Discuss Issues in Education Policy on Radio Program
3/05/2009 Hursh Talks to WXXI About President Obama's Education Policy
1/30/2009 Hursh Authors Chapter in Landmark Handbook on Social Justice
10/31/2008 Hursh Quoted in Democrat and Chronicle on Mock Election
10/15/2008 Wednesday Lunch Hour
8/07/2008 Hursh Featured in Democrat and Chronicle on Curriculum-Free Schools
4/08/2008 Warner Professor Leads Community Discussion on High-Stakes Testing
4/01/2008 University of Rochester Conference Examines Effects of a Globalizing World
3/01/2008 Hursh Releases Book on High-Stakes Testing; Signing and Reading Set for March 1
2/21/2008 Hursh Talks to WXXI about High-Stakes Testing
7/02/2007 WXXI-TV Interviews Hursh on No Child Left Behind
5/01/2006 Hursh Co-Authors New Book on Contemporary Schooling
3/27/2006 Author Jonathan Kozol to Speak in Rochester
11/01/2005 Hursh Quoted in City
11/13/2003 Impact of High-Stakes Testing to be Explored in Public Lecture