Professional Development Luncheon

Foreign Language Teaching in Pre-Schools

Wednesday, January 26, 2011
12:00 noon
B-315 Dewey Hall

Facilitated by Dr. Nataliya Sharkova, Visiting Fulbright Scholar

Dr. Sharkova will share her research from Ukraine showing that learning languages (both native and foreign) involves more than the acquisition of new vocabulary and grammar structures; foreign language learning should be integrated into the general psychological development of a child who should be viewed as an active personality capable of stimulating the learning process. Language activities based on actual interests and needs teach children make concepts through observation and investigation; test theories in practice; forecast the outcomes of the actions; shift preliminary experience into new situations; solve practical problems; share information; achieve practical results; and analyze them. Her empirical results show that the type of activity affects the efficiency of foreign language learning.

Light lunch will be provided.

If you have special dietary restrictions please feel free to check with Student Services on what will be ordered for the current week.

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