2010 Science STARS Conference

Thursday, December 2, 2010
5 to 6:15 p.m.
Rush Rhees Library, Hawkins-Carlson Room
University of Rochester, River Campus

Learn how more than 40 teenage girls from East High School have put their scientific minds to the test this semester by taking part in Science STARS (Students Tackling Authentic and Relevant Science)—an afterschool program that lets girls explore science in a hands-on, no-pressure setting. These teens, in collaboration with master’s students studying to become science teachers at the Warner School, have engaged in a series of authentic science investigations behind topics that interest them most—dancing, forensics, energy drinks, video games, and cooking. By uniting girls through science and supporting their participation in science, these girls have learned that they are not only capable of mastering the discipline, but that they can continue this momentum throughout high school and college.

The 2010 afterschool program will conclude 10 weeks of activities with the Science STARS Conference when these girls reveal answers to the following scientific questions:

  • Can Dance Dance Revolution (a video game designed for the Nintendo Wii) really make us healthy?
  • Do I have a "hand" in my identity?
  • What is in an energy drink that really gets us going?
  • Do video games make better athletes?
  • What's cooking: Is there more than meets the eye?
  • How do we control the distance a rocket car travels?
For more information about the Science STARS Conference, please contact April Luehmann at (585) 275-3010 or april.luehmann@rochester.edu.

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