Wednesday Lunch Hour - Spirituality: The Awkward Discussion

Wednesday, February 24, 2010
12-1 p.m.
B-315 Dewey Hall

Presented by: Martin Lynch and Daniel Linnenberg

Spirituality is a personal construct and for many is perceived as a subject that people should keep to themselves. However, even though there has been a steady decrease in religious participation, there has been a significant increase in the acknowledgement of individuals developing a “spiritual” life. Martin Lynch and Daniel Linnenberg will lead an open discussion on personal spirituality, which for many is an awkward discussion. The primary issue being that few, even though they may have a deep faith (religious practice), have difficulty with understanding their own construct of spiritual practice. Lynch and Linnenberg will present their personal spiritual journeys, and then open the discussion for others to discuss their spiritual practice and to ask questions. As time permits the discussion will be open to addressing any issues of spirituality and/or religion within educational settings and society at large.

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