2009 Science STARS Conference

Saturday, December 5, 2009
10 a.m. to Noon
Interfaith Chapel, River Level
University of Rochester, River Campus

Learn how local teens are making a positive impact on our community and world as they use science to tackle real environmental problems. As part of the Science STARS (Students Tackling Authentic and Relevant Science) program, five teams of middle school girls from Wilson Foundation Academy, East High School, and the Freedom School have devoted their afterschool time this fall to investigating the science behind caring for our environment. Master's students, who are studying to be science educators at the Warner School, have gained hands-on experience teaching inquiry-based science as they have led these young female scientists through a series of authentic investigations behind going green.

The 2009 program, themed "Shrinking Our Footprints: Exploring the Science Behind Walking in Balance with Our World," will conclude a semester of activities with the Science STARS Conference when these middle school girls, who will share their passion for science and the environment with family, friends, and the community, reveal answers to the following scientific questions:

  • Are some fruits better than others for producing ethanol fuel?
  • Could my school be powered solely with windmill energy?
  • How does roof color affect the temperature of a house?
  • How do different types of soil affect plant growth?
  • How do common household chemicals affect the growth of plants even after being diluted?
For more information about the Science STARS Conference, please contact April Luehmann at (585) 275-3010 or april.luehmann@rochester.edu.

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