Professor's Response to Baby Einstein Controversy Makes Headlines

Warner School Professor Lucia French, a developmental psychologist who studies language and cognitive development in young children, has been in the news recently weighing in on the recent Baby Einstein video refund and reminding parents that nothing contributes more to a child’s early development than actual parent-child interaction.

A November 4 Psych Central News article, “Baby Einstein Revisited,” shares her tips on how parents can help enhance young children’s language skills, rather than relying on screen time for this.

Link to the Psych Central News Article:

13WHAM-TV also interviewed French for a story, “Disney Issuing Baby Einstein Refunds," that aired on November 4., 13WHAM-TV story. published an article, "Baby Einstein Controversy: Professor Offers Healthy Language Learning Alternatives for Young Children," on November 5., Read story.

  A Times Colonist story, "Talk Trumps TV for Child Development," was published November 7., Read Times Colonist article.


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