Three New Student Bloggers Chronicle the Warner Experience

Three new master’s students are lined up to blog about their experiences at the Warner School. Each student will provide his or her unique perspective on experiences in the classroom and the field—and they are already at it, blogging now about classes starting and the upcoming year.

The new student blogger columns will be a standard feature and will contribute to Warner Perspectives, a multi-author blog that stimulates discussions about important issues that affect our students, the professions, and the research and policy in education and human development. Over the last two years, we've had a number of master's students blog about their experiences at Warner.

This year's bloggers, whose most recent posts can be viewed on the front page of Warner Perspectives, are given free rein to write whatever they want on the blog and their intention is to keep it as authentic as possible. They were selected for their writing skills, academic interests, and enthusiasm.

The new 2009-10 student bloggers are:

Ashley Nicole Anderson
is blogging about the teacher preparation program (and Inclusion and the Urban Teaching and Leadership program).

Kelly Erin Ludovici is blogging about the school and community counseling program.

Micheal Shea is blogging about the higher education program.

The Warner Perspectives blog invites posts from students, faculty, community members and anyone else interested in a spirited discussion of education and human development. To view the Warner Perspectives blog, visit warner.rochester.edu/blog/.

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