Jefferson Honored for Service to the Community

Frederick C. Jefferson, professor emeritus who oversees the Leadership and Organizational Development program initiative in the Warner Center for Professional Development and Education Reform, has been recognized locally by Preferred Care and the Charles Settlement House for his volunteerism and leadership in the community.

The first honor from Preferred Care credits Jefferson for his volunteerism in the community that exemplifies living well and features him in Preferred Care’s 2008 calendar, themed “What it means to live well.” As one of the 2008 12 Gold “stars” showcased who knows how to live life well and to the fullest—always challenging himself in mind, body and spirit—Jefferson is the featured Preferred Care Gold member for the month of January.

Jefferson, who believes volunteering “nourishes the soul of the community and the volunteer,” is commended for his community achievements throughout the years. “I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Jefferson at the American Red Cross back in the 1980s,” said Elaine Fallesen, a Preferred Care employee who nominated Jefferson for the 2008 calendar. “His work in the community exemplifies living well in many ways. He reminds us that volunteering is a great way to give back to the community while getting something back for ourselves, too.”

The second honor, the community leadership award which Jefferson received from the Charles Settlement House at its 90th Anniversary & Award Luncheon in November, credits his work in improving settlement houses and serving several other non-profit and human service organizations in Rochester. As a board member for the United Neighborhood Centers of Greater Rochester Foundation, he helped raise the funds needed to upgrade facilities and transform settlement houses locally. Jefferson remains active with the United Way of Greater Rochester, where he is a past chairman. He also chairs the Greater Rochester Chapter of the American Red Cross and serves in numerous other non-profit roles.

Jefferson joined the Warner faculty in 1985, serving as director of the institute for urban schools and education from 1996 to 1999, and continues to teach courses at the Warner School in counseling and human development. A University intercessor since 1973, he was recently appointed by President Seligman to serve as a consultant to the vice provost for faculty diversity and development and to chair a Diversity Advisory Panel consisting of trustees and local business leaders.

Frederick Jefferson featured as the Preferred Care Gold member for the month of January in Preferred Care’s 2008 Calendar for Preferred Care Gold and GoldAnywhere members.

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