Warner Blog Chronicles Student Experience

Two Warner School master’s students – Eric Scheele (educational policy) and Jenna Temple (teacher preparation) – have been chronicling their year as students at Warner on the Warner Perspectives Blog. They give us a view into the Warner experience and what it means to commit to a career in education. And their posts chronicle the growth that takes place in the master’s program, as students acquire the skills, knowledge, and experience to make meaningful contributions to the educating fields.

Scheele, a 2008 graduate of the University of Rochester with degrees in English and history, often links the importance of what he learns about policy in the classroom to current policies and programs affecting education on a national level. Throughout the 2008 presidential campaign, he considered how the policies of both candidates would impact the future of education. Scheele has also blogged about the role of evaluation in effective leadership and the Warner School’s social justice mission and the integral role that plays in the Warner student experience. His reflections and experiences in his classes take readers on his journey as a master’s student.

Temple writes with the prospective student in mind, sharing not only her experiences, but also suggestions on how to navigate the admissions and interviewing process. A 2008 Syracuse University graduate pursuing her master’s degree and certification as a mathematics and inclusion teacher, Temple is also in the Urban Teaching and Leadership program. Her blog posts provide insight to prospective students by examining topics discussed in classes such as classroom management and successfully utilizing collaborative teaching methods. Temple also takes readers through her experiences while student teaching in a Rochester city school as a special educator in math classrooms. Placement in an urban school is a vital part of the UTL program. Through her student teaching experiences and classes, Temple posted on her blog, “I have come to the realization that I really am ready to be a ‘real’ teacher.”

Warner Perspectives is a multi-authored educational blog for the Warner School community. Faculty and students provide lively commentary on the complex issues that affect policy and practices related to education and human development, as well as share their experiences as students at Warner and their identity development as educators for change. Check it out at http://warner.rochester.edu/blog/.

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