DeLeon and Four Scholars Edit Book Highlighting New Perspectives on Anarchist Theory

Abraham DeLeon, an assistant professor at the Warner School, together with four other editors, recently published Contemporary Anarchist Studies: An Introductory Anthology of Contemporary Anarchist StudiesAnarchy in the Academy (Routledge, 2009). A volume of collected essays, the book highlights the diversity of contemporary thought around anarchism, indicating the relationship between anarchist theory, critical pedagogy, and praxis.

This interdisciplinary anthology, which documents the growing interest in anarchism as it is expressed through scholarly work, brings together a wide variety of anarchist voices and features some of the most prominent academics studying anarchism from around the world, including Richard Kahn, Lisa Kemmerer, and Todd May, to name a few.                  

Contemporary Anarchist Studies attempts to bridge the gap between anarchist activism and theory on the streets and anarchist studies and activism in the academy. This interdisciplinary work helps teachers, students and activists interested in the anarchist studies to draw connections between anarchism and other perspectives, such as feminism, queer theory, critical race theory, disability studies, post-modernism and post-structuralism, animal liberation, and environmental justice.

Peter McLaren, a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, says “Contemporary Anarchist Studies is an urgently needed text at this current historical juncture when powerful arguments for anarchism are needed that are capable of loosening the death grip of capitalist ideology. This book contains important essays by some of the world’s leading anarchist scholars: it’s a necessary instrument in today’s anti-capitalist toolkit.”

DeLeon also contributed a chapter, “Anarchist Theory as Radical Critique: Challenging Hierarchies and Domination in the Social and ‘Hard’ Sciences,” which he co-authored with Kurt Love. Their chapter suggests ways that educators can transform social studies and science classrooms into environments that strive toward creating a new society that resists capitalism and supports a non-hierarchical form of social governance.

DeLeon, who joined the Warner School faculty in 2008, directs the social studies teacher preparation program. His research interests include social studies education, cultural studies, the works of Michel Foucault, anarchist theory, and various critical theories in education. Specifically, he explores how social studies education and radical theory can be combined to equip students with the knowledge and understanding of how ideology is reproduced.

DeLeon received his master’s degree in history and doctorate in curriculum and instruction from the University of Connecticut.