“This economic mess: How did we get here? How does it affect you?

Friday, February 13, 2009
12:00 p.m.
Welles-Brown Room
Rush Rhees Library

“This economic mess: How did we get here? How does it affect you? What must we do to get out of it? And what can citizens, educators and all good people do to be virtuous, build strong communities and lead in these times?”
Presented by J. Nelson Hoffman

In his book, High Stakes Testing and the Decline of Teaching and Learning, University of Rochester Associate Professor of Education David Hursh calls for a “rebirth of society and schooling…(and) a citizenship and educational system that questions the increasing commoditization of everything.” This presentation will discuss how the core values found in courses on the Humanities must speak to the cultural complexities and the social, economic, education and political policies that have created an unsustainable cultural narrative for the 21st Century in America and the world. This presentation will provide the broad framework and practical opportunities that will allow those who teach and who are leading the next generation to address the systemic issues that have created one of the greatest economic crises our world has faced.