Wednesday Lunch Hour

Entrepreneurial Practice that can Empower Educators as Agents of Change: Paper Discussion
Wednesday, November 19, 2008
12-12:50 p.m.
Dewey B-315

AS part of the university-wide Kauffman Campus Initiative on Entrepreneurship Education, the Warner-based Kauffman Study Group on Entrepreneurship in Education has conducted several in-depth case-studies of educators in our community that are known for having successfully initiated numerous innovations that added value to their organizations and the clients they serve. The ultimate goal of this study has been ti identify "entrepreneurial" attitudes and behaviors that educators interested in becoming more effective as agents of change should consider using to improve their practice. Key findings from this 4-year-long study have been summarized in a working paper soon to be submitted for publication. Most of this Lunch Hour will be spent hearing participants' comments and ideas generated by reading the paper, after the authors' brief introduction. 

The paper is on the Wednesday Lunch Hour Organization found in BlackBoard. Please contact Kristine Mager if you are not able to access and read the paper.

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