Warner School Launches Perspectives Blog


The Warner School recently launched a multi-author education blog, Warner Perspectives, on the home page of the Warner School website. The blog invites posts from students, faculty, community members and anyone else interested in a spirited discussion of education and human development.

“It is an opportunity for us to extend important conversations beyond the classrooms and hallways of the Warner School,” suggests Laura Brophy, assistant dean and director of external relations. “And it gives our faculty and students a place to share their experiences and perspectives about the profound changes that are taking place in our world and their effect on education and the human experience.”

In addition to two student blogger columns describing master’s students’ experiences in the classroom and the field, numerous faculty members have or will contribute to Warner Perspectives.  Faculty bloggers include Joanne Larson, David Hursh, April Luehmann, Andrew Wall, Nancy Ares, Donna Harris, Abe DeLeon, and others.

A recent post by Joanne Larson, the Michael W. Scandling Professor of Education and chair of Warner’s teaching and curriculum department, looks at the monumental changes in the information and communication economy and explores the shift to mass collaboration for teaching, learning and schools. Associate Professor David Hursh is a regular blogger, currently exploring the implications of the current political and economic landscape for schools and education.

To view the Warner Perspectives blog, visit http://warner.rochester.edu/blog/warnerperspectives/


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