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Get Real! Environmental Action Camp

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*See photos and presentations from the morning sessions (science) or afternoon sessions (media literacy)!

Press Release

Monday-Friday Aug 2-6, 2004Get Real! Environmental Action Camp

General Information
The Get Real! Camp is for middle school students in the Rochester area. Participants will learn about environmental problems, design laboratory experiments, and analyze data using the latest technologies.

Warner teaching and curriculum graduate students will lead participants in their scientific investigations.

In the morning sessions students will learn:

  • Computer mapping using Geographical Information System technology
  • Computer-based probeware technology to analyze water samples
  • General theories and information about ecology
  • Scientific processes
  • Lab investigations
  • Reporting scientific results

In the afternoon sessions students will learn:

  • General media practices and techniques
  • How to use digital equipment and software
  • The roles of media editors, producers, script writers, and directors
  • How to create a video and radio Public Service Announcements

Camp Directors
April Luehmann
Assistant Professor, Science Education

Meg Callahan
Assistant Professor, English Education

Teaching and Curriculum
Margaret Warner Graduate School of Education and Human Development
University of Rochester

The Margaret Warner Graduate School of Education and Human Development

Supported by:
The University of Rochester Margaret Warner Graduate School of Education and Human Development
The University of Rochester, Rochester Scholars Jr. Program

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