Warner Wednesday Talk: What’s Eating You?  How Our Gut Microbes Impact Our Emotion and Cognition (Kathryn Douthit)

Wednesday, November 3, 2021
12 to 1 p.m.
Presented remotely via Zoom
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Kathryn Douthit
Presenter: Kathryn Douthit

In this presentation, Dr. Kathryn Douthit will reveal how the microorganisms that we carry in our gut play a major role in maintaining mental health and cognitive function.  As one of a number of emerging mind-body mechanisms, this collection of microorganisms, commonly termed the “microbiome”, can explain some of the deleterious effects that factors such as poverty, stress, and food deserts can impose on brain function.  The presentation will also feature ways of altering our microbial make-up to compensate for the damage imposed by aversive contextual forces. 

For disability-related accommodations, please contact Mary Judge Diegert at (585) 275-2454 or email mjudge@warner.rochester.edu.

The Warner School of Education hosts weekly talks on most Wednesdays during the Spring and Fall Semesters.

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