Warner Institutes New Student Support Initiatives

New initiatives designed to help students make the transition to graduate school in general, and the Warner School in particular, are being instituted this fall. These include a streamlined orientation process, Web accessibility to orientation materials, and the implementation of a writing support services program.

These initiatives were implemented after a task force of faculty and staff members met this summer and made several suggestions, including breaking the orientation process into smaller sessions.

The first main session, New Student Orientation, will be held four times each year, corresponding to each of the admission cycles, and provides an overview on ID cards, parking, financing, registration, and other basic information that students need immediately.

The second session, an Introduction to the Warner School, will be conducted once or twice a year, and will provide students with an opportunity to get more acquainted with Warner and the graduate school experience.

Other ad-hoc workshops will be held as necessary and include information on doctoral portfolio evaluations, research apprenticeships, comprehensive exams, and dissertations.

Another new initiative this year is the implementation of writing support services. Directed by Mary Jane Curry, assistant professor, the service was created to assist students in many areas of writing. During a typical session, a writing consultant can review in-process writing, answer questions, suggest strategies, indicate unwanted writing patterns, as well as other assistance.

All orientation materials will soon be made available on the Warner Web site. Visit www.rochester.edu/warner/studentservices/ for these materials and other important student information.

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